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Massive Skyward Sword update – harps, volcanoes, temples, and cubes

Nintendo has gone crazy with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword updates in the last few days. In case you’ve missed any of the recent trailers, here they are. The first, affectionately titled the “Harp Trailer,” show’s off the musical instrument players will be jamming on throughout the adventure. Notice the way Link plucks out a tune with all the grace and elegance of a child playing Hot Cross Buns at a recital. Also, it seems like he may lose the harp from time to time judging by the several different scenes where he receives it.

Next up is the “Eldin Volcano” trailer, which showcases a teeny tiny bit of the massive area Game Informer described in their feature spread on Skyward Sword last month. Mostly, the video shows us two new features, bomb rolling and searching for items using the dowsing ability of Link’s sword.

Then, after finding the key to get inside, we’re shown a glimpse of the Earth Temple, a place that in any other game would have been called the Fire Temple (remember, lava is liquid rock/metal). Despite having a constant temperature somewhere over a thousand degrees, Link bravely takes a roll (literally) across a lava pool and then finds the time to battle a pair of lizard strong men.

“But what if I want to explore part of the world and then come back to it later?” Not a problem with this last video, which features the Goddess Cubes…sort of. Well, they’re in it. Isn’t that good enough? Heads up, the video ends on a cliffhanger that will make you twitch for days.

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