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Pride Rings, Shiny and for your fingers

Reddit user PrideRings created these wonderful epoxy resin rings to celebrate Pride. Each ring is color coded to represent the spectrum of LGBTQIA people
Store Link:

Initially, I was skeptical of the product whether it was truly handmade but they shared in process images showing the craftsmanship and care that go into each ring. Each is hand lathed and polished to get the sheen you see

So if you want to support a small Russian LGBTQIA business, I fullly suggest you check out their wares at

Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored but I initially assumed that these were either dropshipped or not handmade. I publically called them out and they submitted proof of their work. I am sincerely sorry for the damage I ahve done and this post is one of many ways that I am trying to repair the damage I caused to their small business. Please check them out! Context

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