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Gaming’s Top 5 Sexiest Men and Women of 2011

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d do something in the spirit of beauty, lust, and romance. I’m starting off the week by celebrating the sexy faces of gaming with a list of the top 5 sexiest men and women in 2011 (I consulted a lesbian gamer pal of mine to help me out as well). While there is a bountiful bevy of beauties in gaming, this list is limited to characters who made their first appearances in 2011. And remember, this list is formed from the opinions of two people, so don’t take it too seriously now. So without further ado, let the (hopefully spoiler-light) lusting begin!

Jansen and Kuo

Adam Jensen of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Lucy Kuo of inFamous 2

These two scientifically-altered brunettes are as deadly as they are gorgeous. Players take control of Jensen in DE:HR, a former SWAT commander turned security specialist turned ambush-target. Although altered to be a killing machine, he can also be played as the most intimidating pacifist ever (hooray for social augmentations). And what’s sexier than a man that chooses words over knives?

Kuo was one of two ‘morality’ characters in inFamous 2. Since she’s affiliated with the National Security Agency and is heavily associated with the color blue, it’s easy to understand that she represents that ‘good’ moral choices in the game. She’s a kind, realistic character that is particularly humorous during her training with Cole. By the end of the game (yes, even after all of that…) she ended up being just as lovable as Zeke to me.

Bodie and Paula

Bodie of Dance Central 2
Paula of Shadows of the Damned

These two beautiful blondes could not be farther apart in terms of personality. Bodie is the big-brotherly dancer that introduces players into Dance Central 2’s campaign mode. He’s all smiles and positive energy simply radiates out of him. His beach-boy alternate outfit does a good job of showing off that chest of his as well.

Paula on the other hand… has issues. After finding her behind a Walmart dumpster, Garcia Hotspur nurses her back to health and quickly “becomes hers”. Self-destructive, hot-headed and prone to violence, Paula seems like a psychopath that no sane person would want anywhere near them.  Upon digging deeper into her, however, we learn not only about her sad past but about how much of a badass she was as well.

Hawke of Dragon Age II

Say what you will about the game, but Dragon Age II had the sexiest default player-characters that I’ve had the pleasure to gawk at. Both voice actors for Hawke were fantastic, and I couldn’t help but be totally smitten with snarky Hawke and his band of merry misfits. The game had its fair share of issues, but a likable main character was not one of them.

Shun Akiyama of Yakuza 4
Katherine of Catherine

Our number two spot pays tribute to some surprising offerings from Japan. Upon first being introduced to him, Shun Akiyama seems like an aloof good-for-nothing that would much rather nap through the day than do anything productive. But underneath that laid-back facade of his, lies a golden heart that genuinely wants to help those in need. Knowing what it’s like to be strapped for cash himself, he loans money to those in need without interest. All he asks in return is for you to complete a test…

Though Katherine may not be as outwardly sexy as the blonde Catherine, her strong personality is her main draw. A pure type-A, Katherine knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate being open and honest about how she feels. She may seem pushy and abrasive at first, but we warmed up to her quite quickly as the game progressed.

Charlie Cutter of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Kinzie Kensington of Saints Row: The Third

I’ve got some unconventional choices as my top picks, but I stand by them. The list is topped off with side-characters that almost manage to steal the show. Though he looks likes a generic street thug, Cutter is actually quite well read and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He has a protective personality and genuinely cares for Nate, Sully and Chloe. He was definitely the most unexpectedly lovable character of 2011. It’s just a shame that he kind of vanishes at one point in the game…

Neurotic, agoraphobic and just as trigger-happy as the rest of the SR:TT cast, Kinzie added a lot of flavor to her role as “The Hacker”. Constantly paranoid and high-strung (despite the marijuana found in her hideout), she ends up being quite the lovable character despite how easily they could have left her as just a “tech geek”. She loves hardcore gangsta rap, keeps an S&M mask by her computer, and may have an… inappropriate level of affection for her gadgets. All in all, it’s great to see a “nerd” archetype that is just as sexual, just as down to earth, and just as violent as the rest of the cast.

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