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Street Fighter X Hello Kitty

No, I’m not kidding. Okay, I might be tricking you just a little bit, but Capcom and Sanrio, Inc. did just announce a partnership to bring together the Street Fighter and Hello Kitty franchises…for a new set of Hello Kitty toys. Everyone that feels manipulated can stop reading here, but everyone that thinks it sounds awesome should keep going.

“Capcom has long admired Sanrio and their ability to create memorable and cherished lifestyle brands, so it is a distinct pleasure to partner with them for this new cross-over line of merchandise,” said Joshua Izzo, Director of Absorbing Fan’s Money…I mean, Licensing for Capcom Entertainment, Inc. “The combination of Street Fighter and Hello Kitty will offer fans a whole new way to experience our characters.”

I should learn how to photoshop kitty ears. Just kitty ears, of course.

It'll be like this, but with more cat ears and less skulls...or more skulls.

Following Hello Kitty’s tradition of being absolutely adorable, and Street Fighter’s tradition of punching everything in sight, the new toy line will feature cute kitties in an array of SF character costumes. No word yet on which or how many characters fans will be able to snag in cat form, but anyone not expecting Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Chun Li, M. Bison, or Blanka needs to take a step back and reevaluate their life. This is a ploy to cash in on fan service, after all.

Expect the toys to hit stores in fall 2012, but the real wait is for some clever indie developer to make the crossover flash game. Internets, you have a mission. Get to work. In the mean time, here’s some new images of Street Fighter X Tekken from Comic-Con.

Slick hair is really what Tekken is all about.

Sideways glances? He means business.

Explosive fist ready go!

I love the look on Sagat's face.

Characters will frequently be getting close to the camera. Too close.

Why wouldn't this kill Chun Li?

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