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Nerdgasm: Phoenix in Marvel vs Capcom 3

Arise from your grave!
Hi, my name is Tuck and I nerdgasmed when Phoenix was announced for Marvel vs Capcom 3.
It’s not an easy admission to make given the amount of enmity that most people harbor towards my favorite red-headed superhero. The origins of this ill-will are nebulous at best. Repeated deaths aren’t so much a strike against her character as an entry on her curriculum vitae that she shares with most modern superheroes. And let’s be honest, she hasn’t died that many times. Twice. Three times at most. Magneto has that many retconned deaths every week.
Let’s ignore the haters for now and focus on what makes her an awesome addition to the already stellar lineup of MvC3.

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No Megaman

Megaman warming the bench?

As we get closer and closer to the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, character lists “leaked” over the summer get the chance to be verified or thrown out as just rumor and fanboy hopes. If you didn’t keep up with the gossip a few months ago, there were plenty of character rosters floating around and plenty of rage fits when some fan’s wet dream character wasn’t included. But no character inspired more “No way! That can’t be right!” comments on blog pages than the mysterious lack of Megaman on many “official” lists. And as the summer has turned to fall, and soon winter, people are starting to turn purple holding their breath to see the Blue Bomber get that big announcement.
So what’s the deal, Capcom? Your biggest star of the 8-bit age is getting zero love in a series designed purely for fan service?

No Megaman
Will Capcom really put out a Vs. game without some version of the Blue Bomber?

Good. ‘Bout time, I think.