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October 1, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 4594 Videogames

EA challenges players to defy reality with new SSX trailer

Like a fine wine made from pure adrenaline and brain melting craziness, SSX Deadly Descents only gets more satisfying as time rolls by at EA. The new “Defy Reality” trailer shows off some of the locations players will shred through this winter, including Patagonia, Siberia, and the Rockies. Yes, they all look a bit similar because they’re mountains covered in snow, but EA has proven in the past to be able to mix icy caves, cliffs engulfed by avalanches, and man made environments with such skill that they never get old. Take a look.

Anyone familiar with the series noticed the plethora of classic uber tricks unleashed during the trailer, but also the distinct lack of the “throw the board away and rewrite the laws of gravity” super ubers. That’s okay, though. We’ll get more gut bustingly big tricks and sexy, sexy drops than we can handle when SSX Deadly Descents releases in winter 2012. And if that wasn’t enough, three new screenshots give a peek at veteran riders Griff and Zoe as they launch off into the distance.

SSX Deadly Descents Patagonia

Oh hey guys, I'm just gonna jump off this mountain real quick. Brb.

SSX Deadly Descents Siberia

Don't worry, it's just a cooling tower.

SSX Deadly Descents Rockies

Zoe proves her avian nature by flying away into the sunset.

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