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October 3, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 4981 Videogames

Sonic Generations tackles the Dreamcast years

Sega has just put out a new trailer for Sonic Generations, their upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog remake featuring all the best levels and moments from the last twenty years of The Blue Blur. This trailer focuses heavily on the Sega Dreamcast years, which many of today’s younger gamers remember fondly as their youth with the Sega mascot.

Sonic Generations will feature not one, but two versions of Sonic, the pudgy Sonic from yesteryear and the sleek Sonic we see today, to blast through all your favorite levels, from Green Hill Zone to Speed Highway with gloriously updated graphics. And of course, the end of the trailer hints at Shadow, the dark, gun toting, “super cool in a 90s way” anti-hero counterpart to Sonic. As one of gaming’s most divisive and argued over steps for a series, let’s hope Shadow takes more of a backseat role to the classic Sonic gameplay we’re all hoping for.

Here’s the Genesis era trailer for those of you that may have missed it last month.

Talk about Sonic Generations and your favorite moments with The Blue Blur in the forums!

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