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3 Gay Anime This Season: Kuroshitsuji II

Second in the seasonal overview of gay anime is Kuroshitsuji II, sequel to one of the sleeper successes of last year.  The show that had few people watching has now exploded into an orgasm of fangirl fappery.  The series follows Ciel Phantomhive, the lonely, pre-teenage head of a multi-national British conglomerate who mysteriously escaped death when his home burned to the ground, killing his father.  Ciel is saved by a contract he makes with a demon, Sebastian, to become his butler until his wish is fulfilled—exacting revenge on his father’s murderer.  This new season begins shortly after the events of season one’s finale.

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3 Gay Anime This Season: High School of the Dead

It’s summer and, as I promised, we have a new batch of gay-ass anime to take a peek at.  I personally didn’t think that we’d get anything this season since summer is usually stacked with fodder for straight boys.  Somehow I was able to wheedle out three shows that are just sparkly enough.  Remember though, the ratings I give are on a scale of gay.  Not quality.  The first show is High School of the Dead.

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Our Representation in Anime: Transgenders

I’m most intrigued by the way that trans characters are approached in anime.  Of any medium, I feel like anime really does something special in portraying trans characters.  As is the case with lesbians, bisexuals, and gays, the industry rarely distinguishes between transsexuals, transvestites, genderqueers, etc. but there are some delightful instances of well-rounded trans characters all the same.

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Our Representation in Anime: Gays

The biggest moneymaker of the spectrum, ambiguously gay characters can be found nearly everywhere in the industry.  But it’s almost totally misrepresented with the presence of yaoi.  Separation between top and bottom is so clearly delineated that it offensively reinforces archaic gender roles.  The top, or “seme” is always uber-masculine with a a cleft chin and a deep voice.  Most of the time he’s in his late twenties to early thirties, and while his life and finances are appealingly stable, his personality is alarmingly erratic.  With some ‘alluringly mysterious’ past, the top broods with intense insanity, is sometimes inappropriately violent, pathologically possessive, and always needs his bottom to save him from the pit of despair known as self-loathing.

And that brings us to the uke (bottom).   He is almost unfailingly feminine in the Bella Swan sense that seems to be the universal standard that heterosexual, teenage girls aspire to be.  He is indecisive, talentless, squirmy, a doormat, and yet totally irresistible to all the men around him.  It’s retarded.   In some Twilight Zone twist of fate, gayness in the world of anime has been co-opted by adolescent females as some kind of edgy way of expressing their latent sexual desires without being too real, therefore keeping them pure.  Basically, it’s the equivalent of straight guys lusting after pseudo-lesbian porn.

Kawaii, desu!!

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Our Representation in Anime: Bisexuals

Continuing with the series, the second under the microscope will be bisexuals, who, by far, are the most under-represented in anime.  If everyone is either vaguely homosexual for comedic purposes or straight, what is the need for bisexuals who can just be one or the other?  That’s the sad question that I believe most people around the world ask, so the same dilemma undoubtedly shows up in Japanese animation.
So, I’ll make a stretch, and add in the character archetypes that I believe are more often than not bisexual.  The first is “Male Protagonist with an Inseparable Rival,”  with the best example being Guts from Berserk. He is clearly in love with Halle Berry (she has a name…I just don’t remember), but at the same time, the sexual tension and general relationship he has with Griffith is nearly undeniably homosexual.  In a world riddled with war and famine the two only care about each other.  Almost no one else matters.  So these types of leads always come off as bisexual.

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Our Representation in Anime: Lesbians

When I’m bored, it’s easy to wind up thinking of the way that we’re represented in the media, and it usually ends with my coming up with some conclusion about being happy about a sense of progress. In the case of anime, though, I tie myself in knots, because in general, the industry thrives off of hyper-stylization. Still, I want to consider what is there and make a little more sense of what we see. That’s what this series will cover: how four of the pillars of LBGTQIIFAQS are approached in anime and spotlighting some shows’ portrayal of characters as examples.  First up:  lesbians.

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Forum Buzz Highlight: Fansubs/scans or legit?

fansub (short for fan-subtitled) is a version of a foreign film or foreign television program which has been translated by fans and subtitled into a language other than that of the original.
Because distribution of fan-subtitled content is a violation of copyright laws in most countries, the ethical implications of producing, distributing, or watching fansubs are topics of much controversy