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3 Gay Anime This Season: Kuroshitsuji II

August 16, 2010 Comments (24) Views: 11401 Anime

3 Gay Anime This Season: High School of the Dead

It’s summer and, as I promised, we have a new batch of gay-ass anime to take a peek at.  I personally didn’t think that we’d get anything this season since summer is usually stacked with fodder for straight boys.  Somehow I was able to wheedle out three shows that are just sparkly enough.  Remember though, the ratings I give are on a scale of gay.  Not quality.  The first show is High School of the Dead.

Everything was normal when Takashi went to school.  His classes went on as usual—he skipped them, gets chased around by his class representative, and his childhood friend continues to bitch at him.  Then, while standing on the roof, he witnesses his teachers being attacked by slow-moving intruders.  His whole world changed in that instant.  In the matter of hours, some kind of infectious disease has spread throughout the entire world, reanimating corpses that were given even the tiniest of scrapes.  With the world falling apart around him, can Takashi and his classmates hold on together?
Many may wonder where I’m going to go with this show since from just a passing glance at the picture, you’d think this was the definition of ecchi harems that young boys dream of.  It is.  But what that means is that there are tons of girls ogling, touching, and comparing each other’s tits and asses.  Yes, I know that that’s not how lesbians, let alone realistically depicted people act, but it should count for something, shouldn’t it?  Besides, there is a character (Saya, the class representative) that is about as big of a closeted lesbian as you can get.  She openly pines for Rei, her best friend, and when questioned about the nature of their relationship/her feelings toward her, she blushes.  The girl in the glasses is clearly in love.

Yes, Saya. You

On a scale of 1-5 (‘1’ meaning accidental undertones and ‘5’ meaning GAY GAY GAY GAY) High School of the Dead gets 4 Liz Lemon spectacles out of 5.
In the middle of this gay sandwich will be Kuroshitsuji II.
Until then, join us and discuss HSctD in the forums.

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