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Forum Buzz Highlight: Naruto And Anime Vs. Manga

It never fails.  Open up an anime section in a forum, and the conversation inevitably turns to Naruto.  Want to join the discussion? Just head over here:,122.0.html

  • Admit it. Who here reads this or watches this?  It’s actually been pretty good lately. Unlike Bleach which I loathe now but can’t stop reading this late in the game…
  • I still read it.  With so many characters dropping like flies, it feels like it’s about to end…(Although, I’m pretty sure Japan has like two years of story ahead of us)
  • Although I lost some track to the anime, i really enjoy it. My favorite character is Gaara (*-*), and a friend of mine who reads the manga told me he appears once again in a Kazekage reunion.
  • I sadly admit that I read this from time to time. I’m not big into anime but when me and my friends get into huge study sessions someone ends up going to that site, and we start talking about it like its some huge soap opera.
  • Well it sort of is. At least it’s less “whiney bitch” now and there are more fisticuffs.
  • Naruto anime = FILLERRRRRRRRR
  • Hey, sometimes fillers are nice! Like when you watch a 30 minute sequence of Naruto running through the woods…Ok no.
  • Curry of life.  No further discussion is needed.
  • Even the non-filler episodes take forever. Since there’s no curiosity towards what’s going to happen, I won’t get through the anime version for a LOOOOOONG time. I’m only 5-10 chapters behind on the manga though. It has been getting interesting.
  • I actually tried going back to the anime after jumping from anime to manga but I couldn’t haha.

Speaking of jumping from anime to manga, there’s another thread about just that.  You can join it here:,60.0.html

  • A lot of, if not like all of, anime have their start as manga. & a lot of the time, the anime is just the manga with some motion & colour. & this vexes me for the most part. It could totally  just be me, but i personally hate when the anime & the manga are exactly the same. A lot of the time i will watch a killer anime, & decided i wanna read the manga. Then i see the manga is the same as the anime. i don’t want to experience the same story twice. I would love for them to be completely different. It gives me the satisfaction of seeing the characters i like in new situations and thru a different lens. Fighting manga is one that i would make exceptions for, because i think fights are truly visual things & would actually improve the experience.
  • I typically prefer manga simply because I can read faster then I can watch something.  Anime I kinda have to plan around.  Manga I can read while pooping. It typically depends on which came first too.  I started reading the Gurren Lagan manga and got about two volumes in before I realized I should just watch the anime.   Dragon Ball Z is wayyyyyy more interesting in manga form (That cliche about characters needing to power up during an entire episode?  That’s like a page in the book.) The translations are also a factor.  I loved the original ADV translations of Azumanga, but was a bit disappointed to see the “High school is high school” line didn’t make it into the anime.  It was especially odd to see the same company didn’t bother to make Osaka’s accent consistent between the two versions.
  • It really depends. Like, I prefer things to be consistent story wise. I even get a little pissed when they change things so drastically from the manga that it doesn’t make sense. Only exceptions would probably be the original FMA or Soul Eater. Although, to be honest, I don’t have the patience to read/watch through the same versions of a story as well. Couldn’t stand to watch Death Note even though the anime translation was brilliant. (probably also because Death Note is a suspense anime/manga and I knew all the twists). I tend to just pick either the anime or manga version and go with it.
  • I thought the shows were entertaining, but the manga turned them into a giant clusterfuck of nonsense. It usually seems that the original is just… better. Also if the original was in manga form then you can skip any and all filler by just reading that. God, filler is sad. Since I feel that way about originals, some shows make me want to go read the light novels too. Too bad nobody bothers to translate those. I would kill to read all of Baccano!
  • I like it when the anime story is not far away from its manga counterpart, because i prefer motion, colour, voices, etcetera.

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