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3 Gay Anime This Season: Yebisu Celebrities

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3 Gay Anime This Season: Kuroshitsuji II

Second in the seasonal overview of gay anime is Kuroshitsuji II, sequel to one of the sleeper successes of last year.  The show that had few people watching has now exploded into an orgasm of fangirl fappery.  The series follows Ciel Phantomhive, the lonely, pre-teenage head of a multi-national British conglomerate who mysteriously escaped death when his home burned to the ground, killing his father.  Ciel is saved by a contract he makes with a demon, Sebastian, to become his butler until his wish is fulfilled—exacting revenge on his father’s murderer.  This new season begins shortly after the events of season one’s finale.

It disturbs me too.

It hurts my soul to talk about this show in the gay context, because I have to acknowledge the treatment of the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian.  It’s largely meant to titillate, while (without words) establishing that no funny business will be going on.   So Sebastian has bathed and dressed Ciel, carried his frail body as they flee from pursuers, and saved him as the damsel in distress he is.  I find it creepy.  BUT aside from that, there is still quite a bit of gay prancing around, and his name is Grell Sutclif.  Voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch from Code Geass),  Grell is a flamboyant Death God who enjoys fawning and fantasizing about Sebastian, killing people, and wearing red.  Then there’s the new character, Earl Alois Trancy, who enjoys toying with Ciel in the same way Grell torments Sebastian.  But since Alois is Ciel’s age, there’s much more room for questionable shouta activity like Alois dressing up as a girl and licking Ciel’s ear.  Take that as you will.
Kuroshitsuji II easily earns 4 opalescent shoe buckles out of 5.
Next, and last, will be Yebisu Celebrities.
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