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Forum Buzz Highlight: Lady Gaga’s Alejandro

  • …the bondage thing always grosses me out. I really love Gaga, I mean I sold my PS3 to see this bitch in July, but honestly what a disgusting video.
  • …yes, I am horrified…
  • This is about her being the anti-christ right?
  • I hope she is. I’d gladly go to her Hell.
  • Dunno if I could stand the bowl cuts…
  • Bowl-cuts aside, I thought it was just fine. I expected her videos to get weirder and that’s what she gave me. I like to think of her work as a progressive art movement in music videos to the more obscure side of things. It is surreal and it is wonderful.P.S. I really loved her white mage outfit.
  • I don’t get it and it’s too long.Funny at some points, like stupidly funny XD
  • I thought the whole video was complete shit. All i got was gay, very gay,  hot dancers & Lady Gaga eating Jesus. I was sad, both with the choice [Monster would have been a better song, So Happy I Could Die if she wanted to do a different sounding one, or fuck even Speechless just for the irony of doing it after Telephone] & the execution. Bad Romance was stunning to look at like, Telephone was just fucked up in a good way. Alejandro just made me go WTF in a bad way & i was just lostin apathetic confusion rather than the “this is fucking awesome, but i have no idea what i am watching” which i expect from her.
  • …It was sort of like awkward Madonna in the early 90’s. Like she’s trying too hard to be a sex symbol and be controversial but it all comes off as trite. On one hand it’s one of her more normal videos but that also makes it sort of uninteresting.
  • I can see how it screams “Madonna,” but… it really is supposed to be a music video adaption of work that the director has already done. Also, my favorite part of the video is when she tries to give that guy butt sex. 😀
  • …how do you understand all this art crap. I feel like I need a art degree to tell if its art or not.I just always thought the point of music was to entertain me. Why are people spitting out all this art nonsense? Isn’t that left for paintings. Shit is confusing

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