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Forum Buzz: Pokémon General Thread


Pokémon, the sometimes adorable little monsters stuffed inside expandable balls. As a beloved game series for many gamers worldwide, it’s no surprise a wild Poké-thread has appeared on the forums. Pokemon General Discussion is the place for Poké-nerds to discuss the games.  Started by PrinceLandon, many have joined to discuss the inner workings of the game as well as the upcoming Black and White versions, their teams for wi-fi battle, Giratina as Satan, and much more.

Below are some excerpts of conversation to help you get the Poké-vibes:

“[Giratina] was even banished by the “god” pokémon Arceus into its own dimension, à la Lucifer being cast into hell. The allusions keep on-a-rolling.” ~ Mazuma
“Since we’re on the topic of awesome new pokémon, I shall now point out Zebstrika, Leavanny, Lilligant and Whimsicott.” ~ Harvest_Moonstruck
“I fell victim to a Shedinja in the Battle…Hall or whatever…the one where you do 1-on-1 fights. Anyway, my Porygon-Z was knocked out after 100 some battles by one of these, so now I *always* double-check and make sure I can hit the bastard.” ~ Dryden
“I’ve been playing Pokémon games since the original Gameboy was a huge brick that sucked more batteries than I do ‘….’ >.> well, we know what I was gonna say. I don’t care what anyone says, Pokémon is probably one of the best portable rpg games ever made.” ~ El Oreo
“Also, I know this is a bit far in the future, but when Pokémon Black/White comes out, I think I’ll hold a tournament for it and give the winner a GN t-shirt. So yes, prepare your teams for that.” ~ Paranoia.

By the words of our fearless leader, Paranoia, there may be a Pokémon contest in the future.  Black and White Versions are set to come out in March, so get your teams ready for battle for your chance to win a free t-shirt, I know I will.  More information about the tournament shall be released soon, so be sure to stay tuned.

Check out the thread on the forums, if you haven’t already!

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