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3 Gay Anime This Season: Yebisu Celebrities

The third and final show for this summer’s list of gay anime is Yebisu Celebrities.  Haruka Fujinami just got a dream job at a top design firm, Yebisu Graphics where his boss, the blue blooded Takashi Daijou, hires him to be a low-level assistant.  The unsure Haruka works hard as Takashi drags him around from meeting to meeting, often making Haruka more uncomfortable.  Soon, one of Haruka’s co-workers tell him that he’s just a pet for the boss, and Haruka becomes emotionally confused about his position at the company.  Why did Takashi hire Haruka?

As if you don't know. It's Gary Stu.

It’s yaoi.  Generic yaoi.  There really is no new way to describe what goes on in the show, and if you read Our Representation in Anime:  Gays, you’ll know what happens in the first episode of this OVA very quickly.  Scratch that.  If you have any understanding of any romance novels, shows, storylines, you’ll know exactly what happens just by reading the introductory paragraph.  I’m trying not to spoil, since release schedules for these little disasters are very arbitrary (and there’s only been one episode released), but the jist is that the 28-year-old Takashi hires the 20-year-old, fresh Haruka to mold as both the perfect ad salesman and the perfect lover.  Anywhere in reality, this would wind up in a courtroom, but in yaoi, of course Haruka is also maybe in love.  I’ll leave it there.  Since Takashi mentions that his being in love with men (not straight up saying gay, by the way) has had somewhat an impact on his life, the show gets credit for that, and easily becomes the gayest show of the season, despite its rather unfabulous production and lack of animation.
Yebisu Celebrities gets 5 vibrating digital pens out of 5.
As you know by now, I’ll be back next season for (hopefully) a much gayer crop to choose from.  But in the meanwhile, we can talk about this and other shows from the season where you can sign up and post in the forum.

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