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Gays of the Week: Young Avengers (Part 2)


Young-AvengersWelcome to part two of this installment of “Gays of the Week,” where we’re highlighting the Young Avengers.  In part one, we looked at Wiccan, his brother Speed, and his fiance Hulkling.  In this final half, we’ll be looking at an alien, an archer, an Ex-X-Man, and whatever the hell Miss America is.

Prodigy:  Not to be confused with prodigythe other Marvel hero with the same name, David Alleyne is a former mutant that left the X-Men after being de-powered.  During his X-Men days, David had the power to absorb knowledge and skills from anyone nearby, but only for a limited amount of time.  After losing his powers, the Stepford Cuckoos unlocked all the knowledge and skills he gained while being a mutant adventurer.   During the newest installment of Young Avengers, Prodigy joins the team after Speed recruits him.  During this time, Prodigy announces he’s bisexual by kissing Hulkling.


Hawkeye:  Kate Bishop joined the team during the original series.  In it, she inherited the Hawkeye name while Clint Barton was believed to be dead.  When it was revealed Barton was alive, the two decided to share the title.  Kate has no powers, but like Clint, is very proficient with a bow.  She recently received an upgrade via a “Kree composite soul bow” courtesy of Marvel Boy, who she was dating on the time.  Kate is one of the “token straights” on the team (the other being Speed), however there may be more to the female Hawkeye as Miss America hints during the finale of the most recent Young Avengers run.

MarvelBoy-Noh-VarrMarvel Boy:  Noh-Varr is a Kree that’s captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.  He meets the Young Avengers during the first run when he is forced to attack them and the Runaways.  After spending some time with the Dark Avengers as their Captain Marvel, he joins the real Avengers, going by the name Protector.  He’s forced out of the Avengers and hooks up with Kate, when the Young Avengers team needs to reassemble in the latest volume.  Noh-Varr has some odd powers, that include the ability to eat rotten or poisonous food with no negative side-effects.  Marvel Boy has been linked to Hawkeye and other females, but he himself admits to having experimented with other males in the past.


Miss America:  America Chavez is the daughter of two mothers from a “paradise dimension.”  She makes her Young Avengers debut in the newest run, displaying super strength, flight, as well as the ability to kick holes into reality.  America brings the team back together in the newest run when some extra-dimensional trouble begins.  Miss America is a lesbian herself, which is only revealed in the final issue of Gillen/McKelvie’s run.

Sadly, the last issue of Young Avengers was back in January 2014, and Marvel doesn’t seem to have any current plans for the characters.  Hopefully, after their big Secret Wars shake-up, they’ll find room for a new Young Avengers series.  We need more gay superteen adventures, dammit!

Do you have a LGBT character you’d love to see highlighted here?  Let us know in the comments!

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