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October 17, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 4894 Videogames

NYCC: Street Fighter X Tekken reveals a bit more than we wanted

First off, for those that aren’t sure, it’s pronounced Street Fighter CROSS Tekken. Anyway, The game brings back tag fighting from the beloved Tekken Tag, but also adapts Street Fighter techniques to be more familiar to fans of Tekken. The tag system has been enhanced to allow cooperative play where one player controls one fighter and they team up to bring down opponent teams. This mode works online, too, letting players around the world get together for matches. In addition, Rufus from Street Fighter has joined the cast. Now, for the…other…news.

Capcom talked a bit more about the Gem System revealed last month at Tokyo Game Show. Designed to make the game more inviting to casual players (literally described as being akin to Magic the Gathering…somehow), gems are equipped to characters to build stats. It’s supposed to help make characters feel more individual and let players adapt their favorite fighters to their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, the room groaned in unison at the mention of power ups for a supposedly serious fighting game. There will be five types of gems in total, boosting different stats like speed or power.

Specifically, Assist Gems will boost defense and even enable auto blocking and auto throw escapes, which was met with pure outrage by the audience. Though, these auto blocking gems do consume the Cross Guage among having other drawbacks, but it’s hard to imagine that an auto blocking feature won’t be abused like crazy. Even better, gems come with the special edition of the game, and preorders get even more freebie boosts. So does this mean we’ll be paying for gems so we can have the right power ups to compete on a higher level?

There was also a brief mention of Darkstalkers and the photo of fans in San Francisco holding up ten dollar bills to prove that they would buy a new Darkstalkers game. The photo was used in a business proposal for the game, and then repeated with the New York audience holding up bills, wallets, and anything else they were willing to trade for the game, possibly including a baby. Keep those fingers crossed (PUNS!) for a new Darkstalkers, guys.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be released March 6 for Asia and North America, and March 9 for Europe on PS3 and Xbox 360. Development for PC has been confirmed, but a release date has not been set.

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