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Forum Buzz Highlight: Kinect

With Microsoft’s Press Conference at E3 yesterday, people were talking about their biggest announcement. The Kinect

  • I think it’s a terrible name, and to go with the announcement is an equally terrible console redesign. I really don’t like the angularity…but then I have no intentions on ever buying it
  • I’m indifferent to the design but I actually really like the name.
  • Yeah, however… I do actually like the name too.
    But, I guess that doesn’t matter.
    Hmm, I mean if things continue to go on like they are… Every great KINECT title I would want to get would be available for PC or PS3.
  • I don’t really care about Kinect, but I might get behind the new console if it actually doesn’t explode every six months.
  • C’mon, those RROD’s were the source of many a month of that new console smell. What was once just an every 5 year thing came 3 times a year!
  • I’m really not that interested. They’ll have to have some unbelievably amazing/unique/fun games in order for me to even consider it
  • I’m sure it will change in a few hours, but nothing they’ve talked about has sold me on the hardware.  I don’t believe for a second that Milo will work as it did last year, and that was really the only thing I liked in concept.  Microsoft really needs to show something that can bridge the gap.
  • That’s a horrible final name…
  • Yeah I don’t think he name is all that great.I’m not particularly interested in the new Xbox redesign but if mine explodes soon I’ll have to get one.The Kinect stuff isn’t that exciting it’s about as exciting as when the Wii came out..
  • Yeah.  They didn’t really show anything that we haven’t seen Nintendo do.  Except for Kinect Sports, Fitness, and Dance Central.And I’m not going to lie, the idea of Dance Central made the gay in me squeal.

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