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June 14, 2010 Comments (0) Views: 4800 Videogames

XBox 360’s Dance Central

Today, Microsoft kicked off the E3 festivities with it’s press conference.  During the segment focused on their hands-free motion controller, Kinect, we got a peek at the next rhythm game coming from Harmonix (Rockband, Guitar Hero 1&2), Dance Central.  Using the camera’s motion tracking abilities, you control your character as you make your way through a sequence of dance moves, strung together as one routine to tracks by Lady Gaga, No Doubt, Bell Biv DeVoe, etc. Here’s the short and glossy release snippet. Live demo from the press conference is after the jump:

As you can see, it looks a lot less stale during the conference.  What really matters about this release is that we’re one step close from the rhythm game that I want:  where I can sing and dance at the same time–preferably with backup dancers–like all my favorite pop stars.  Can me and my friends please have a game where we can recreate the “Bye Bye Bye” video with harmonies?  Please?

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