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July 29, 2011 Comments (17) Views: 14904 Anime, Forum

Top 10 LGBT Anime Characters: #10 – Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka

Ouran High School Host Club

10.  Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka

Lighthearted and ridiculous, Ouran High School Host Club has offered anime fans a chance to enjoy the antics of a group of elite members of a private academy and the crazy situations they get themselves into through the “Host Club” they run.  When an androgynous girl, Haruhi, gets incorporated into the club and is forced to pose as the cute new boy to work off a debt that she owes, everyone gets a chance to fall in love with the fiercely independent young woman and each of the unique personalities she works with.

Throughout the series, each of the members of the Host Club get their own backstory, helping to illuminate what some of their major developmental influences have been.  When the time comes to look into Haruhi’s home life, however, we’re all presented with a major surprise.  Her mother died long ago, leaving Haruhi to be raised by her father.  He’s warm and kind, absolutely doting on his daughter every chance he gets.  He’s also a bisexual transvestite.

Ryoji Ranka

Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka as we see him for the first time.

Ryoji Fujioka works nights at a tranny bar, going by the professional name of “Ranka.”  The first time the members of the Host Club get to meet Haruhi’s father, Ranka is just getting home from her shift and is in full appearance as a beautiful woman.  Ryoji is immediately accepted by everyone present and the loving, caring relationship between Ryoji and Haruhi is explored throughout the rest of their story.  His sexuality and cross-dressing tendencies are never questioned, never ridiculed, and his place as a loving parent is accepted without question.

While not playing an overwhelming role in Ouran High School Host Club, the simple presence of Ranka Fujioka is a welcomed one.  A bisexual transvestite who is accepted without question and shown to be a loving, devoted parent is a welcomed presence in today’s culture.  That’s why our Top 10 list kicks off with the most bad-ass dad in a dress, Ranka Fujioka.

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