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City of Heroes is now Free to Play

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As of September 27, the original super hero MMO City of Heroes has joined the ranks of Champions Online and soon-to-be-free DC Universe Online.  Players that waited seven years to play this vast and expansive MMO now have no reason to eschew it any longer.

Assistant Community Manager Avatea, from the CoH forums, posted this on their Announcement Page:

Welcome to new players and veterans alike!

After several months’ wait since the official announcement, City of Heroes Freedom™ is now accessible to all!*
Free players can now join our Premium and VIP players on the live servers in order to experience the extensive content of our 7-year-old super powered MMO!

City of Heroes launched in North America on April 27, 2004.  Along with its sequel, City of Villains, the game has had 21 expansions that allows players to create their own hero or villain with customizable power sets and countless of costume options.  Players can then take part in thousands of original, and user-created, missions throughout Paragon City.  They can also team up in groups and even join supergroups (guilds).

With a free account, players can choose a hero or a villain up to level 50, play in 45 different game zones, select from 8 archetypes and over a hundred power sets, and play over a thousand missions.  If you are willing to spend some extra cash (as the most cases in these F2P games), City of Heroes has the Premium Players and VIP Players options as well.  Premium and VIP players gives you more customization options, more missions, and other in-game content.  Here’s a comparison chart showing what you are going to get with your Free, Premium, and VIP account.

Now that it’s free, are you planning on giving this super hero MMO a chance?

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