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Gay Nerd of the Month: Super Scrub

GN Congratulations on being February’s Gay Nerd of the Month!
GN Any words for your fans?
Super Scrub Thanks 😀
Super Scrub Umm, thank you for nominating me I was really surprised I had fans to be perfectly honest.
GN Oh please, you’ve got tons of nerd rep. Plus, apparently, you’re cute
Super Scrub Well thanks! Haha I’ll let you guys be the judge of that..
GN So, Ralphie, give us a short bio. What are you up to these days?
Super Scrub Well, right now I’m just cruising through working hard and playing League . Getting ready for the upcoming semester, can’t wait to start my new major in business. Other than that not much is going on.
GN Business eh? Fancy
GN Speaking of League, you’re pretty hardcore into that, huh
Super Scrub Pretty hardcore into anything that breeds competition really .
GN You started our League of Legends thread and that’s one of the busiest threads in our forum
Super Scrub Yup, we have lots of players within the community that keep it alive. 😀
GN Haha, fair enough. You did host two fighting game tournaments for GN
GN What made you want to host tournaments for fighting games?
Super Scrub Well, we have quite a lot of people that were into it. I believe Marvel vs Capcom 3 just got released when I hosted that one. So there was a lot of hype and I figured why not give the community some friendly competition.
GN Now, I know that your favorite genre is the fighting game genre. Why?
GN I mean, some of those Magical Anime Girl RPG’s look pretty fun…
Super Scrub I’ve always loved the art of fighting since I was a little kid. I mean, I love how you can totally mind fuck people during them. There’s such a psychological portion to fighting games that people don’t normally see. Besides making my opponent feel stupid, I just really love beating the hell out of someone even if its just virtually. Soooo yeah, no Sailor Moon RPG for me! Although, SNES Sailor Moon S fighting game… count me in!
GN Hahaha, I remember that. That game was classic. Sailor Neptune was OP though
Super Scrub I think Chibi Moon was the real OP threat there.
GN So imba
GN (are you convinced that I know my fighting game lingo?
Super Scrub Actually, I just totally googled “imba”. Apparently, I’m the one who needs a lesson in fighting game lingo lol.
GN Well, at least you can shoryuken on command. My character still does that crouch/stand dance move for 3 seconds before doing it
GN Haha
Super Scrub Practice makes perfect .
GN Btw readers, Ralphie is pretty ungodly at these games. I dare any of you to beat him
GN Just don’t challenge him to Smash Brothers
Super Scrub Yeah….I’ll just fall off the stage constantly. Try to smash attack, I still don’t know how that works. It’s really sad!
GN Then again, it’s not a real fighting game right? 😉
Super Scrub Mario Party mini game with a 50$ price tag imo.
GN Hahahaha, how controversial
GN So what do you do when you’re not gaming?
Super Scrub Well, I’m either hanging out with friends doing the usual routine. Usual routine meaning I’m getting wasted in Hells Kitchen at some random gay dance club or bar. Besides, that on my days off I’ll enjoy some nice quiet ice skating in hopes of one day being good enough to join the local gay hockey league in Manhattan. One day!
GN Classy mother fucker
Super Scrub That I am, that I am 😀
GN How’d you get into the Gay Nerds family anyhow?
Super Scrub Well, I’ve known paranoia for a while before he started the site. He told me and a few friends about it. I joined up and I’ve been having a ball since. Met a lot of interesting people throughout my time here! Parchita being one of them. SHOUT OUTZ to him. 😀
GN What would you say is your nerdiest indulgence?
Super Scrub Hmm, probably spy TV shows. I dunno if that’s considered nerdy, but I really can’t get enough of CIA/KGB/Interpol TV shows/movies. One of my favorite TV shows is Chuck and don’t get me started on the James Bond series (with Pierce Brosnan of course)
GN Be honest. Is it because you think he’s cute?
Super Scrub Well, at first I didn’t. Oddly I found his sidekick to be the cute one, then it kind of shifted in the other direction. Especially since Chuck put on some muscle.
GN Oh you. Haha
GN What would be your gayest indulgence?
Super Scrub Definitely, Glee.
GN Be honest. Is it because you think one of them is cute?
Super Scrub Well 2 of them. Can’t get me enough of Blaine and Finn.
GN I don’t blame you.
GN RaNdOm QueStIoN TiEM!
Super Scrub Oh snap.
GN All the characters in every single fighting game all have a Battle Royale. Who is the ultimate champion?
Super Scrub Hmm, I could be biased and just say Dudley destroys them all! I’m too technical when it comes to those games so, I will definitely have to go with Kirby.
GN Wait what?
Super Scrub Yeah, think about it. Kirby can just turn into a rock and wait the match out and if he had to actually fight you could use peoples powers against them, and being that it’s a Battle Royale he has a plethora of options. Kirby is broken, bro! Nerf nao.
GN Hahaha
GN Kill, Fuck, Marry
GN Ronnie from Jersey Shore, Jason Sudekis, Bradley Cooper
Super Scrub Wooooow, that’s hard.
GN Like your penis?
Super Scrub Kill Ronnie. Marry Jason. Fuck Bradley.
Super Scrub Only in the presence of these guys >_>.
GN Capcom is going bankrupt. It can only create one last game. What would you want it to be?
Super Scrub Capcom vs SNK 3, no doubt.
Super Scrub It really had to be their most genius franchise ever, sucks it wasn’t THAT popular.
GN Wasn’t there already a 3rd one?
Super Scrub I think that was called Capcom vs SNK 2 EO
Super Scrub but no 3rd in the series line.
GN You sure it wasn’t Super Capcom vs. Ultra SNK 3 Championship Edition Turbo?
Super Scrub Hardy har har! Unfortunately no . I would probably waste my money on every single update version to that too. It’s kinda sad how Capcom has me in the palm of their hand.
GN Will suck dick for Street Fighter vs. Tekken?
Super Scrub Will suck dick for Capcom vs SNK 3?* Yes
Super Scrub Already played SFxT! Good, but not great .
GN Hahahaha, fair enough
GN What’s your go-to karaoke song?
Super Scrub “I can’t wait to be king” if I’m alone, and if my buddy is there it’s “Don’t you want me baby”
GN What about My Jeans?
Super Scrub Hahaha! Jack my swag!
GN She wore those jeans like me
Super Scrub I think that’s parchita’s go to Karaoke song. I’ll def have to make a video of him singing that and post it.
GN Hahaha, that’d be awesome
GN anyway, Thanks a lot for the great interview!
GN Congratulations again on being February’s GNotM!

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