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Gay Nerd of the Month: Harvest Moonstruck

GN: Congratulations on being October’s Gay Nerd of the Month!
GN: Any message for the people who voted for you?
Harvest Moonstruck: Thank you. It really was a surprise. I don’t think I contribute all that much honestly.
Harvest Moonstruck: I post pictures to entertain the masses.
Harvest Moonstruck: Doesn’t seem special to me.
GN: I think you don’t realize how much you contribute really. It’s all about posting interesting things and being an active and awesome community member
Harvest Moonstruck: Oh… Well I am active, that’s for sure! One of the many perks of having no life I suppose.
GN: I mean, at that age, who really had one?
GN: So what do people know you by IRL?
Harvest Moonstruck: Chloe.
GN: I have to address the Waillord in the room and have to mention that you’re probably the youngest active member in our community
GN: So you’re in high school, right?
Harvest Moonstruck: Really? I thought there were other people that are around my age… Well, I don’t think anybody else is 15, but still.
GN: Yeah, there are definitely people in your age bracket but you’ve been around the longest
Harvest Moonstruck: Since January right? That seems like years ago…
GN: it’ll almost be your GN anniversary then!
Harvest Moonstruck: Almost! In a few months anyway. I have my birthday coming up now though so I’ll have something to get excited about in the meantime.
GN: Any special plans?
Harvest Moonstruck: Yup. My mom’s letting me take a day off of school to go to the bookstore and maybe Best Buy if we can scrounge up the cash.
Harvest Moonstruck: I really hope we can find the money. I need new games!
GN: Hopefully your teachers don’t read GN… ๐Ÿ˜‰
GN: Speaking of games, What are your favorites?
Harvest Moonstruck: Pokemon, Kirby, Mario games, Zelda games, mostly Nintendo stuff.
Harvest Moonstruck: I like Starfy too but there’s only one Starfy game in the U.S. Apparently he’s too cute, but he looks just like Kirby only he’s a starfish.legendary starfy
Harvest Moonstruck: I call shennanigans on this Nintendo.
GN: That’s a really obscure game. Disgustingly cute
Harvest Moonstruck: Yes, I suppose it is obscure and disgusting. But I live for the disgustingly cute and the disgustingly… disgusting. I like really violent games and shows too. It balances me out.
GN: Like what games?
Harvest Moonstruck: Fairytale Fights, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic… we don’t actually have many since my mom hates gory stuff and I can’t just drop everything and drive to Best Buy or anything.
GN: Haha, so you play Dark Messiah then cap it off with some Kirby
GN: How’d you find GN anyway and what made you stick around?
Harvest Moonstruck: I think I just Googled ‘gay nerds’ one day because I thought nothing would pop up but then there actually was a website called Gay-Nerds. It sort of surprised me. I thought I was some sort of rare and unique creature and then I found all of you, haha.
Harvest Moonstruck: I stuck around because the people here are pretty nice. They’ve helped me through some pretty rough stuff, and for that I thank them.
GN: You make us all sound like fanciful unicorns and for that, I must thank you
Harvest Moonstruck: I’m now going to think of everybody on here as unicorns. What a lovely image.I must draw this later.
GN: Can my unicorn poop rainbows?
Harvest Moonstruck: But of course!
GN: You’re so thoughtful and talented
Harvest Moonstruck: I haven’t drawn unicorns or horses for ages though… This may not end well.
GN: I believe in you!
Harvest Moonstruck: We’ll have to combine our unicorn powers to make this the best thing ever.
GN: Speaking of unicorn powers, what’s the story about your mom joining the forums?
Harvest Moonstruck: Well, I had been pestering her for months and months to join because I wanted her to meet you people. I thought it would be kind of nice to not have to talk to her directly too so that I could listen to music while she’s yelling at me to clean my room.
Harvest Moonstruck: Unfortunately, her job got in the way of her site activity so she doesn’t have time anymore.
GN: That bites but it was such a treat to have her on the forums for a bit. Although, it was probably for the best that she never got 100 posts….
Harvest Moonstruck: Don’t bring up such dark things. Shame on you.
GN: I have no idea what you’re talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚
GN: RaNdOm QuEsTiOn TiEM!
GN: You are now a Pokemon. What are you?
Harvest Moonstruck: I am a Scraggy because I am a derp and I just can’t seem to keep my pants pulled up.
Harvest Moonstruck: And because I am goddamned adorable.
GN: So, Halloween is coming up. What are you going as?
Harvest Moonstruck: I’m going to be Lumpy Space Princess so that I’ll have an exscuse to do the voice all day. OH MY GLOB MALISSA!!!
GN: Hahaha
GN: So you’re in your costume, right? You now have her powers. Unfortunately, the world is undergoing a zombie My Little Pony apocalypse. What do you do?
Harvest Moonstruck: Lumpy Space Princess doesn’t have any powers, does she? I don’t think she does, so I would just join them.
Harvest Moonstruck: I am a unicorn you know.
Harvest Moonstruck: Plus I’ve always wanted to meet Fluttershy.
GN: Zombie Fluttershy
Harvest Moonstruck: Yep. I think that would be a pretty one-sided conversation though, followed by much brain munching.
GN: What would you rather have? The ability to talk to cats but you could only say your name for the rest of your life. Or live your life normally but every full moon, you would turn into a cat?
Harvest Moonstruck: I would prefer to talk to cats. I’ve always wanted to know if my cats actually love me or if it’s just a facade. Besides, my real-life social skills are so bad anyways that it wouldn’t matter and I could always just get a portable whiteboard and write to people.
GN: Haha, don’t sell yourself short
GN: I guess that would turn out for the best too. It’d be like Omelette Du Fromage all the time
Harvest Moonstruck: Took me a minute to realize what you were talking about there.
Harvest Moonstruck: And by that I mean I had to Google it.
GN: I’m old. I have old tastes in cartoons.
GN: You kids with your fancy schmancy Adventure Time and whatnot
Harvest Moonstruck: Oh no, I used to watch Dexter’s Labratory too. It’s just been awhile.
GN: respect++;
GN: Anyway, thanks for the great interview!
GN: Congratulations again on being GNotM!
Harvest Moonstruck: You’re welcome. And thank you to all the people who voted for me. It’s fun being interviewed. ๐Ÿ˜€

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