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Submit to “Drawn OUT”, a Collection of Coming Out Comics

Coming out of the closet is simultaneously one of the most terrifying and exhilarating things that we, as members of the LGBT community, have to do in our lifetimes. Comic artists Kate Jade Leth and Megan Rose Gedris have taken it upon themselves to form a compilation of coming out stories by LGBT comic artists. You’ll have until March 31st to submit a summary of your story, a sample of your art and an estimate of the amount of pages you’ll be drawing (max 6). From there, you’ll be contacted if you’ve been selected and will be given until September 30th to send the completed comic.

They’ll be using kickstarter to fund the publishing, and all participating artists will be getting compensation as well. They also plan to give away copies of the anthology to libraries and schools to reach youth struggling with their sexuality and the issue of coming out. To me, that is reason enough to want to participate in a grand project like this. I just need to figure out if my story was as interesting as my partner’s…

Drawn OUT is a comic book anthology of nonfictional coming out stories, and we are looking for submissions. We’re looking for 1-6 page stories in sequential art (comic) form, that revolve around coming out as any form of gender/sexual minority. We want to see the full spectrum, and we will be making sure as many identities are represented as possible.

Art from RosalarianVisit Megan’s tumblr

Kate's ArtVisit Kate’s tumblr

All of you fledgling comic artists out there with a story to tell, do it! You don’t have to do a whole lot to pitch your idea to them, so why not give it a shot? Let’s get some G-N submissions into that collection!

Source: Megan’s tumblr

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