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Gay Nerd of the Month: Sweetdee

gay nerd lesbian of the month sweetdee Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: Colorado
Forum Screen Name: sweetdee
Orientation: Gay/Lesbian
GN: Congratulations, sweetdee on being Gay Nerd of the Month!
GN: Do you have any message for the fans?
Dee: Just my thanks. I really do appreciate it. It’s weird to think of myself having fans, but I’m flattered all the same.
GN: As I recall, Brolaf was Team sweetdee
Dee: Well, I’m on Team Brolaf. I can relate to a love of the Bro
GN: *fist pumps*
GN: So we all know you from the forums and we know “sweetdee” but what’s it like for you “IRL”? Any chance you’re willing to share your name? 🙂
Dee: It’s Diandra. Pronounced the same as Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny
Dee: That’s where sweetdee comes from
GN: Oh, that’s a great show haha.
Dee: I’m also a fan of the page on Facebook, so people can use all this information to stalk me there…and maybe like the page while they’re at it *hint hint.* But it’s funny that you mention sweetdee versus IRL Dee because there is something of a dichotomy between the two.

daria sweetdee cosplay

Dee as Daria

GN: Oh really? what do you mean?
Dee: I tend to be more outspoken online…and I’d like to think it’s not for the usual Internet Dickwad reasons. I just like having time to carefully pick my words. It’s been one of the challenges of doing the podcast.
GN: Ah yes, the infamous Internet Dickwad theory made famous by Tycho Brahe. I think you’ve hit a good balance between the two especially seeing the comments on the podcast. Only 1 sort of hate mail so far! That’s a record.
Dee: Well, I do have my wonderful co-hosts there to keep things going smoothly.
GN: So speaking of the website, let’s get back to some history. How’d you get on Gay-Nerds and how’d you start being a contributor?
Dee: Some random Asian guy invited me from another forum. He made the invitation sound selective, so I signed right up. 🙂
Dee: As for writing on the site, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do — write on the Internet–but it’s hard to motivate myself. I’ve had about 37 blogs that I’ve abandoned. I figured that if I was writing on a team, I’d be more driven.
Dee: It’s weird because I’m something of a loner in real life, but I can recognize that I’m no Pulitzer Prize winner and I need other people to help me along with my writing.
GN: Well, I’m glad that this is one place that you haven’t abandoned. You’re rather irreplaceable on the site and the fact that you’ve been voted GNotM only reinforces that 🙂
GN: So what do else do you do on your off time besides writing? Any hobbies?
Dee: Aside from the typical nerd stuff–video games and such– I’m a big theater (or “theatre” for Raiden) nerd. I like performing. My friends and I make a lot of goofy videos and stuff…a couple are even on the Internet.
Dee: And I’m from Colorado, so you have to be into outdoorsy stuff just to live here.
GN: Your “Why so pale” pic could have fooled me haha. You secret outdoorsy lesbian you
lesbian of the month

Lipstick is so hard to put on

Dee: I wear a lot of sunscreen
Dee: It’s a vicious circle
GN: Hooray for no skin cancer
Dee: Yeah, but I’ll also never be on Jersey Shore
GN: If you think that’s real tan, you’ve got another thing coming to you haha. I’m convinced it’s cheeto dust extract
Dee: At least you’d never go hungry with a cheeto tan
Dee: Also, in my defense the extreme paleness in that pic is due, in part, to the intense flash.
GN: Hahaha, fair enough. Cameras have never been fair
GN: So, on the site, you write Girl on the Internet articles
Dee: Yep, that was my first ever submission to the site.
GN: It was a great one btw. What is it like being a female in this generally male dominated nerd culture?
Dee: Infuriating is the term that leaps to mind. Being able to laugh at it is a coping mechanism.
GN: btw, tits or gtfo?
Dee: Damn. I thought I was safe with the gays…
GN: Well, you know how we like to suprise some people from the backdoor.Rear attack etc.
Dee: I recall hearing something about cherry popping
Dee: It all makes sense now.
GN: Like a glorious rainbow veil that has nothing to do with being gay has been lifted off our eyes
Dee: Yes, exactly.
GN: I’m glad that you are able to laugh about these things. I personally think that your sense of humor is one of the things that contributes to such great articles
sweetdee lesbian miranda cynthia nixon pride

HOLY SHIT! It's sweetdee! Oh... and Cynthia Nixon who played Miranda from Sex and the City

Dee: A lot of the grief women (and minorities in general) get in nerd culture and online comes from these vague notions people have about them that are frankly quite absurd.
Dee: It would be hard to get offended if these notions didn’t have the effect on the culture that they do.
Dee: Like when companies say things like “Women don’t read comic books.”
GN: What? Who said that. That’s pretty silly
Dee: I think Paul Levitz is one of the most recent names to say something to that effect although in his case it was about superhero comics.
Dee: That’s one of the things I love about the Internet. People haven’t really found a way to monetize it yet, so everybody who puts stuff out here does it because they love what they do. They’re willing to take risks.
Dee: No webcomic artist or writer would ever say women don’t read comics.
GN: That’s one thing that the internet has for it. Diversity
GN: So Dee, you have a twitter account and stuff right?
GN: Just putting it out there for the giggly throng of gay girls to get a hold of you
Dee: Yeah, I do. Girlon_Internet because GirlOnTheInternet was too long.
GN: that’s what he said
Dee: Hahaha!
Dee: And ladies,(har har!), the fastest way to my heart is to sign up for the forums.*hint hint*
GN: Alright! We’re almost at the end of our interview
GN: RaNdOm QuEsTiOn TiEm! You know the deal. Answer as quickly as possible and just whatever comes to mind first
GN: Lara Croft: Feminine Gaming Icon or Feminist Nightmare?
Dee: Both! Cop out, I know!
Dee: But she is a female lead…even if they put her in that ridiculous outfit.
Dee: I mean, who raids tombs in shorts?! Indiana Jones wouldn’t raid tombs in shorts.
GN: I’m surprised you just didn’t says Boobs. That’s what pops into my head when I think of her. It’s practically drilled into my head from all those specials and what not on her and I’m gay so there’s that
Dee: I remember some commercial for her anniversary and one the developer guys said something to the effect of “What gamer would want to play as Mario when he could be watching Lara’s shapely bum instead?”
Dee: And it’s lines like that that make me lean more towards Feminist Nightmare.
GN: Because Mario doesn’t have crappy camera angles and a poop control scheme
Dee: Exactly!
GN: Oh yeah, I went there
Dee: It’s true.
GN: Haha, next random question! And the last one. You readee? (get it? haha lol I amuse myself sometimes)
Dee: Ha, I’m all set.
GN: It’s 3 am in the morning. You’re sleeping peacefully in your room after a long night of of bashing heads in Borderlands.
GN: When all of the sudden, you hear a crash in the kitchen. You grab the nearest weapon-like object to check what happened. You carefully tip toe without making a sound and make your way to the kitchen. Then you see…
GN: Batwoman and Felicia Day and they both confess deep feelings for you. What do you do?
Dee: Felicia.
GN: I said “What you would do” and not “Who you would do” but that works.
Dee: I’d run off with Felicia and film episodes of The Guild and Legend of Neil and other funny stuff.
GN: Into the sunset eh?
Dee: Yeah. I feel like she and I would have more of a partnership. I don’t think I could keep up with Batwoman.
GN: She might settle down with a girl like you, who knows haha. But too late, no takesies backsies
Dee: It’s going to be really awkward when GN is super famous and we land an interview with Felicia.
GN: I thrive on awkward. You’ll be first in line to talk with her
GN: Anyway, it’s been awesome talking with you sweetdee! Thanks a lot for the interview!
Dee: Thank you. I had a lot of fun doing this.
Dee: And thanks again to all the forum folks who voted for me.
Check her out in the forums!

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