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November 21, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 4923 Comics

Is DC’s Daring Do Paying Off? (Yes)

. . . for now, anyway. Diamond Comic Distributors recently announced that DC is once again (for the second month in a row) leading in sales. Read their post here.Diamond Comic Distributors broke down DC’s domination in a rather boring spread sheet and a rather colorful graph. But I’ll explain it quickly to you: Hey, Marvel! Nanananana boo boo! DC has 50. 97% of the Unit Market Share and 42.47% of the Retail Market Share! ( Quick break down: DC sold 50.97% of all comics in October and made 42.47% of all the money between comic publishers.)

Sorry, that was juvenile and innapropriate. But I feel totally vindicated. As a long time DC fan it’s nice to finally have some solid numbers to back up my preference. For a long time Marvel has been out-selling DC and now that the tables have turned I feel that my fandom has been justified. It’s nice to have the numbers on our side for once.

DC has claimed spots 1-6 in the Top Ten bestselling comics, with Geoff John’s and Jim Lee’s Justice League at the top spot, and spot number 10. Wonder Woman was ranked #13, which is respectable. Supergirl only ranked #33 which is a shame because she should be outselling Catwoman, in at #29. For a full ranking system you can also check out the top 100 selling comics for the month at Diamond as well.

Although the celebrations may be short lived, DC has faced some scrutiny over the reboot as well as accusations of sexism and some rather bad comics. Time will tell if the reboot was a wise decision or a folly.

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