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5 Gay Anime This Season: Saraiya Goyou

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5 Gay Anime This Season: Uraboku

Uraboku is the fourth anime on my list of gay anime this season.  It is also the only BL/yaoi show on the list.  Orphaned Yuki can hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of the people he touches.  This power has always been too much for him to handle, causing great trouble in many of his peer relationships.  Soon after re-uniting with his older brother, his very presence becomes a danger to the people around him that he cares about, and Yuki decides to move to Tokyo with his new, magical family and a tortured man who pledges to stay by his side always,.  Can Yuki trust his new brother? And why are so many demons after him?

Oh yeah,  Yuki is an re-incarnation of some princess, explaining away the gay (because just being gay is lame). You’ve probably seen this show a million times because you were fooled by the art, but apparently I’m still drawn to these shows in such a way that I honestly thought this would be good despite the desperate appeal to fangirls. And it is decent in the first three episodes. So that’s something.

But it’s basically a yaoi take on what would happen if Orihime from Bleach got to star in her own show. Yuki has haxor healing abilities called “God’s Light.” The repercussion is that he takes on the pain of the person he heals. Despite that, he is necessary to his demon slayer family—led by his shady brother—in war possibly being led by a childhood friend (also male). Lot’s of pretty boys running around with uninspired religious imagery (how many times do I need to hear of a ‘bloody cross’ in my anime?), with Yuki bringing up the rear (ha!) whining about how useful he wants to be while constantly placing himself in danger.   Bet on his trans-temporal lover Luka to hold, caress, and brood over Yuki with a kiss saved for the final few episodes.

So, even though everyone treats/looks at Yuki as a girl because this is the first time he’s been reincarnated as a boy, there is still enough slashy content between other pairings that makes Uraboku gayer than normal.  I give the show 4 gay Jesuses out of 5.

The last show in this set of posts will be Saraiya Goyou.  Could it be the gayer than Uraboku?

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