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RCE # 11: Ragegasm!

February 13, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 4878 Website News

Introducing: Nerd Rage/Nerdgasm Week!


Here in the spacious back-alleys of Gay-Nerds lots of ideas get tossed out into the e-ether with nary a spark to follow through.  But then, lots of ideas strike a wildfire in the minds of the contributors, opening the floodgates for potential articles.  Nerd Rage/Nerdgasm Week is the fruit of our flippant thoughts earlier this month that will come to fruition this week, and we’ll be gaining three new features in the process.

Nerd Rage/Nerdgasm? will inspect nuggets of news released and pose a question for discussion:  Does the information spark your ire, or does it make you wet?

Nerd Rage will be the personal soap box of anger for our contributors.  You’ve already read us spew our venom over various subjects during our eight-month tenure on the internets.  Nerd Rage will be the designated place for our thoughts on every aspect of nerddom.

Rounding out our trio of new content, Nerdgasm will have the exact opposite goal of Nerd Rage. Instead of hearing us whine about the different happenings in nerd culture, you’ll read about what takes us contributors at Gay-Nerds to Nerdvana.

So, over the course of the week (starting today!) you’ll read fun, new articles published by our contributors covering lots of the content that we were previously were unsure about how to fit into the banner of
We hope you enjoy!

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