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Lifeless Planet needs your help to win the space race!

Have you ever wanted to explore far away planets and totally kick Russia’s ass in the space race, but were born after 1969? For the low price of $10, you just might be able to do that in Stage 2’s new game “Lifeless Planet.” The game features a lone astronaut on a distant planet who discovers that not only have the Russians been here long ago, but things clearly went wrong. And something might still be left behind. The key word to all of this is “might.”


Lifeless Planet Trailer 1 from David Board on Vimeo.

Indie developer Stage 2 wants to put together Lifeless Planet and reveal the secrets of Russia’s deep space explorations, but needs gamers to donate money to the project in order for it to see the light of day. Using Kickstarter, a website that helps projects get donations and bring the little guy’s vision into reality, a pledge of at least $10 gets you a pre-order of the game and a spot in the credits. Higher donations can earn you extra awesomesauce stuff like t-shirts and even a spot as producer on the project.

David Board, the man behind the magic, needs about $8,500 in the next 30 days to bring the game to PC next year. Should the fundraising go well enough, he even has plans to port Lifeless Planet to iOS and Andriod platforms. That’s right, space exploration and stickin’ it to the Reds on the go. What more do you need to convince you to donate?

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