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October 28, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 6101 Dating, Nerds

Gay Wedding: Set Feelzors to GAG

The gauntlet has been thrown, fellow nerds.

These unbearably adorkable nerds have shown that it’s possible to throw an incredibly nerdy AND tasteful wedding. From geeky themes like “The Delorean” to “Game of Thrones”, These beautiful terrarium centerpieces really set the tone for a very classy and nerdy event to remember. This is definite nerdspiration and pinterest gag-worthy.




Shoutout to redditor and fellow gaymer u/liamdroid for graciously allowing us to post and highlight the pictures from his wedding!

If you or you know someone who has had a gay nerd wedding, let us know here or get a hold of us on our facebook page!


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