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Final Fantasy Fashion X-2: IN or AUF?

Fashion in video games often falls into three categories: Bad Ass, Slutty, or Crazy. There is no in-between. But can they be practical too? Here, I quiz Ceir, our resident and self-dubbed “Fashion Fag,” about one of the more notorious videogames with a plethora of costumes, Final Fantasy X-2. This conversation took place in IM but was edited and had picture-ey goodness inserted for your viewing pleasure.
paranoia: So Ceir,

Ceir: what about this picture? Besides the fact that they’re lacking some boobage.
paranoia: what do you think about their clothes? From a fashion point of view, that is
*Ceir is now known as Ceir-fashionfag*
P: Shit just got serious.
CFF: I even put on my glasses.
CFF: I’ll start from left to right.


Perky personality? Highlight it by showing your perky assets

CFF: Starting on the left. I’m going from a utilitarian aspect…for some reason.
CFF: How is she not going to die in the first 30seconds of a fight?
CFF: She has a fucking noose around her own neck already.
P: hahahha
CFF: There’s also the fact that the packs around her waist and positioned infront, which would hinder movement.
CFF: Those sleeves probably aren’t helping either.
P: well, she’s supposed to be super fast and agile
CFF: With a 4 foot long scarf that anyone can grab?
CFF: And those huge sleeves?
CFF: No, she just needs to lose both and put on a t-shirt. At least her boobs would stay in place.
P: Jiggly boobs aside
P:Could this pass as a decent outfit on a catwalk?
P:Is there anything actually *right* about it?
CFF: Minus the scarf, the whole look could be put right onto the runway.
CFF:I’ve actually seen similar looks this past Spring/Summer season.
P: oh really? so oversized bows or ruffles are in for the spring/summer?
CFF: They actually were, but when translated over to actual street-wear, they were toned down.
P: in what way?
CFF: The sizes were basically shrunk.
P: any designers you can point me in the direction of?
CFF: hmm
CFF: I automatically think of this look

Louis Vuitton

Rikku Inspired...?

Taken from: (Louis Vuitton Spring RTW 2010)
CFF: But that’s probably my whack-ass brain.
P: well there are similarities with the skirt
P: and the pouch
P: plus the sleeves are huge
CFF: haha
P: but ribbons in general though. are there any examples?
CFF: will crazy ruffles do?

Marc Jacobs

Poofy is in...?

Taken from: (Marc Jacobs Spring RTW 2010)
P: that’s the same palette too
P: I mean, the more I look at the outfit, the only real points of interest are the interesting faux g-string garter or something and the frou frou sleeves
CFF: It’s the general attitude that look seems to put out.
P: alright, so less poofy sleeves and ditch the scarf then it would be a passable runway outfit for spring/summer 2010
P: what about the next one?

Proving that all good girls go bad

CFF: Put a pair of pants on instead of the shorts that are under the skirt  and replace the boots with high heels, and it would be a look from Roberto Cavalli
P: including the hood and 4 ft pony tail?
CFF: I don’t know about the hood. But the long ponytail/braid was all over.
P: …what? really?
Roberto Cavalli

You mean you can wear skirts AND jeans?

Roberto Cavalli

2 ft long pony tails are in, ladies. Best start growing them

Taken from: (Roberto Cavalli Spring RTW 2010)
CFF: Layering wise, it would fit into the show. She also has a braid going halfway down her back.
P: so basically make the skirt go around, turn hot pants into dark wash jeans, put on heels and it’d be Cavalli?
CFF: Basically
P: interesting hahaha
P: what about the last girl?

Daddy issues.

CFF: She looks like she just stepped out of DSquareds spring 2010 show.
CFF: Well, she need to have her hair slicked back
P: she technically does
P: a bit messier though
CFF: I lied, fall/winter 2010

Leather makes me look sexy

CFF: she’d fit right in
P: you think?
P: she has a lot of gewgaws…

Look at me all gewgaw-ey!

Taken from: (Dsquared² Fall RTW 2010)
P: nvm
CFF: haha
P: although these are mostly chains
P: paine’s stuff is mostly studs
CFF: The general theme is the same though.
P: leather and metal is sort of broad though. these silhouettes look like leather cocktail dresses with chain embellishments
CFF: I think the menswear show was studded.
P: so the entire outfit works?
CFF: It does actually.
P: oh wow
P: she was the one that I least thought would get a pass
CFF: Haha
CFF: Nowadays, shit’s all over the place.
Well there you have it. FFX-2’s main costumes were ahead of their time and not a faux pas and being an avid Project Runway fan does not in fact make you know more about fashion. I should just leave it to the professionals. What do you guys think? Are they IN or AUF?
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