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Gay Anime This Season: Togainu no Chi

The second of the two gay anime this season is Togainu no Chi.  Akira, an undefeated, stoic street-fighter, is framed for murder and sent to jail.  Confronted by a mysterious woman from an unknown organization, Akira is given a chance at freedom.  The catch is that he must participate in Igra, a game of death at the restricted area of Toshima.  With nothing else to lose, Akira decides to fight for his life against low-lives, deviants, and desperate participants hooked on the drug, ‘line.’  Accompanied by his friend, Keisuke, Akira learns more about Igra and his background before he was sent to an orphanage.

Yeah, it is ambigous. No, it doesn't seem to matter.

I’m going to take a little tangent and forewarn you all that this is a crappy show of the highest order.  Piecing together a synopsis after 3 episodes (my usual process) was damn near impossible because nothing is introduced besides the characters and the game.  Eight episodes in, I’m finally starting to see some type of over-arching conflict between Akira and Keisuke—who’s clearly in love with him—to sell the show on.  Instead, Togainu no Chi wastes its time dawdling between shots of guys’ blood being licked off of either his own person or knives, meaningless (and terribly animated) fight scenes, and the occasional yaoi fanservice.  Sadly, though, the red-meat of man-loving is restricted to the aforementioned blood licking, bad innuendo, and abuse of a disturbing gimp.  Nothing else really goes on in this monumental time-waster of a show.

For being a not-so-gay gay show, Togainu no Chi gets four overused ball gags out of five.
Think I was too easy or too harsh?  Discuss Togainu no Chi here, on the forums.

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