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Uncharted 3 gone gold

Uncharted 3 goes gold

A Jedi in Star Wars: The Old Republic

October 11, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 4903 Videogames

Bioware devs choose sides in Star Wars: The Old Republic

With so little time left before the galaxy is plunged into chaos, the Bioware team behind Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally chosen sides. Empire or Republic? Jedi or Sith? Hero or mercenary? With the lines being drawn, they’ve given us a full look at their favorite classes by pitting them head to head in the first part of their four part series, Choose You Side.

The first video in the series features two classic archetypes of the Star Wars universe – the honorable Jedi Knight and the adventurous Bounty Hunter. What at first seems to be a basic match up of heavy melee vs. trick loaded distance combat quickly turns into a battle of resource management, positioning, and clever tactics. Plus, there’s a brief glimpse of the way these two classes interact with the world around them and how players will be able to find a role in the larger conflict engulfing everything.

Keep an eye out for future videos where the team will give their impressions of the remaining six classes. So what do you think? Does the noble code of the Jedi Knight and his powerful sword techniques sound appealing, or you more of the flamethrower, blasters, and witty comebacks kind of Bounty Hunter?

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