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Batman: Arkham City 360 bundle revealed

Gamerant, a German division of Amazon, has discovered that Microsoft will be launching a special Batman: Arkham City version of their Xbox 360. The system will have a 250g hard drive, one controller, as well as one standard edition of the game. As of yet, it is unconfirmed for a North American release, but with such a high profile game, it seems likely.

Batman: Arkham City 360 bundle box

It's even Kinect ready! 😀

Currently the price tag is sitting at about 380 dollars, about 20 dollars less than the Gears of War and Modern Warfare bundles currently offered. However, the latter two system bundles include a 320g hard drive instead of the 250g. If it holds true to any previous system bundles, the Batman-themed 360 will have an unique art design on the system itself, as well as unique sounds upon turning on and opening the disk drive.

Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to 2009’s Game of the Year, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman is at odds with the Joker once again, now free from the confines of the insane asylum alongside numerous other villians in the Batman universe, including Mr. Freeze, Penguin and Two Face. In a new twist from the original, players will have the opportunity to play as Catwoman, the foxy female counterpart to Batman’s stoic, righteous persona, for portions of the game as well as sidekick Robin during the challenge mode. Batman: Arkham City is set to release on October 18th.

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