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Holiday Nerdery: Decorations and Sparkles!

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You’ll never have to worry about dying in the next dungeon or in a battle over who gets the turkey leg this holiday season when you’ve got these Zelda fairies behind you. Or a team of EV trained Pokemon dangling from your tree. (Might want to keep your fire types away, though.) Feel like jumping back in time to simpler days of gaming? You’re not alone, and these Pac Man ghosts will take you there with all of their nostalgic glory.
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Speaking of ghosts, they can also decorate your front door with this absolutely stunning wreath. And it’s made from plastic tree branches (from real plastic trees, no less), so you can reuse it year after year after year after year…Oh, and those Pokemon hanging from your tree? They’d like something for Christmas, too, which is why these resin cast evolution stones are the perfect way to show your affection. And while you’re giving out the positive vibes, pick up something nice for yourself with these NES cartridges, crafted specifically to make your holiday a bit more retro.
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Finally, my personal favorite, these sets of console and controller shaped ornaments are the ultimate way to show your allegiance for your console of choice. Unfortunately, the artist has confirmed that these ornaments are made to order and will not arrive in time for Christmas. BUT, unlike some of the other things we’ve shown you today, there’s plenty to go around. No need to worry about a sell out, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to order!
So that’s it for today. If you’ve read this far, I’m sure your home is now completely coated in holiday nerd madness. And we want to see! Post pictures or talk about your favorite ornaments in the forum! Make anything yourself and want to show it off? Awesome, post that up too!

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