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Holiday Nerdery: Decorations and Sparkles!

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Don’t move. These dinosaur ornaments can’t see you if you don’t move. Unless, of course, you’re running to snatch up the Triforce, captured perfectly on this glass Christmas bulb. No need to fear ghosts of Christmas pas, present, or future with this Ghostbusters bulb protecting your tree. But watch out, you still might get slimed.
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Take a break from defending Reach to remember where it all ended and grab this ornament sporting the Halo 3 logo. But if you’re not a Spartan and prefer the slightly more utopian future of Star Trek, then sign on with the Federation and pilot your very own replica of the USS Farragut. Just keep it away from this adorable little Bob-omb ornament. Who knows when he’ll explode with joy and holiday cheer?

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