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This Week in the New 52 . . . (11-02-11)

DC has released teasers of this weeks launch line-up. You can view them here and see what’s shaking up the new universe this week.

This week’s releases include Action Comics, Animal Man, Detective Comics, Green Arrow, Hawk & Dove, and  Batwing.

Animal Man is busy discovering that his daughter is more important and powerful than him. Also: Eww.My new appetite suppressant

Superman is receiving the “Mexican Treatment,” from the citizens of Metropolis. We also learn about the destruction of Krypton and that Kryptonians were just as obsessed with trivial things as humans.

Batwing has some AMAZING art and the titular hero is engaged in a rather grueling battle.

Batman is dealing with a creepy villain, Dollmaker. It’s kind of gross but it doesn’t unsettle my stomach like Animal Man.

Green Arrow is stuck in DC’s version of a terrible Diane Lane movie.

Hawk and Dove go up against even lamer versions of themselves because, let’s face it, the only thing DC does better than reboots are doppelgangers of their heroes.Candor

Apollo from Stormwatch still isn’t naked with Midnighter but it is interesting to see a group of superheroes go under the Leagues nose. Also: Apollo still looks wicked powerful.sunshine

And Swamp Thing looks like a bad episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Or a good one. Either way there are too many doctors and children.

P.S. I’m not comfortable with a gang from Static Shock having a tattoo that is usually reserved for HIV+ men. . . . yeah, this pretty much creeps me out.

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