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Justice League #2 Review

Brilliant. Entertaining. Justice League #2 has it all: Action, story, men in tights. What else do you need?

What Geoff Johns excels at here is introducing the heroes to other costumed crusaders for the first time. There’s mistrust, aggression, and Green Lantern calls Batman a “tool.” I actually laughed out loud at that comment. What is concerning is Superman seems like a tad bit of a douche. It’s true, this is his first time meeting the other heroes and he may not realize they’re good guys, but DC has explained his cockiness is from being the most powerful man in the world. It is understandable but the thing that bothers me most is seeing this Superdouche in Justice League and then seeing a far more docile version in Supergirl. DC has stated that the comics take place in different times but it’s hard to piece together what goes where and who goes when.fightfightfight

Aside from the confusing time stream and the continuity of the comics, Justice League was very fun to read. Even though the heroes spent more time fighting each other than the actual bad guys (who don’t appear until the last page) seeing them interact and tell each other about their abilities was insightful. When asked what he could do Batman said, “Keep us on point,” it’s nice to see that Batman still has an ego bigger than Superman’s, as he rightfully should.this was a rather badass page

Besides seeing the headliners try to figure out what’s in Darkseid’s jack-in-the-box the B-Plot involves the creation of Cyborg. Victor Stone is arguing with his father at S.T.A.R Labs when another of Darkseid’s trinkets explodes unleashing a legion of Apokalyptic bad guys and burning away half of Stone’s body.

It’s a cliff hanger ending but the promise of introducing Wonder Woman in the next issue, and Aquaman in a few after that, has me waiting on tenterhooks for future installments.fightfightfight

My favorite part of this issue, however, was the reason it cost an extra dollar. It probably wasn’t worth it(to most) but seeing the transcript of the interrogation of Steve Trevor by Amanda Waller was awesome. Waller is grilling Trevor about Wonder Woman’s exploits, the location of Themyscira, and (get this) Wonder Woman murdering a kidnapper.

Yeah. Our Princess is a killer! Though, as it seems, not cold-blooded, the kidnapper would have killed children had she not slit his throat. Adding Wonder Woman into the next issue with four other heroes already mistrustful of each other and who don’t condone killing could lead to some VERY interesting adventures and arguments.

Do you guys think Justice League is headed in the right direction? Is it not worth the $3.99 we’re being charged? Let us know in the forums.

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