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Are They Or Aren't They?: Zangief

Look at this big guy!   Just look at him!  For those that don’t know, this is Zangief.  His interests are Mother Russia, Mohawks, and Wrestling Bears.  Speaking of “bears,” he seems to match that profile, does he not?  Zangief has been a Street Fighter mainstay since the classic Street Fighter II.  Being such a strong character, Zangief never backs down from a fight.  Even going all out against female characters such as Chun Li or Cammy.  Does that make him a misogynist?  Or could he possibly be hiding something else?

Why he might be gay: For starters, his looks.  With his overbearing physique, big hairy chest, red speedo, and little else to cover up with, the “Red Cyclone” could easily blend in with any bear group.   Capcom hasn’t outed him at this point, but one of the games has his profile, which includes the dislikes “projectiles and young, beautiful women.”  Fan project “Street Fighter: The Later Years” features Zangief (as played by professional bear Mike Fass) heavily, and shows even the fans can plainly see the gay undertones to the character.

Why he might not be: Just because he doesn’t like “young, beautiful women,” doesn’t mean he has written off females completely.  There aren’t really any older or larger women in the Street Fighter series, so he just might be waiting on Capcom to create the perfect bride.  And looking like a bear doesn’t automatically make you gay either.


Don't worry, kids. This isn't canon, we swear.

Why he should be gay: Zangief is a really popular character.  Unfortunately, he is a bit tricky to play as.  One of the few characters that is unable to spam fireballs, Zangief makes up for it with the raw power of his grapples.  It would be refreshing to see such a powerful and unashamed character assert themselves as a homosexual.

See? Abel thinks you should come out too!

Why he should stay in the closet: People already treat Zangief as a joke character (including players AND characters in the game), and it would be a shame to see that evolve into the inevitable series of gay jokes.  There’s also a chance he might turn into a bit of a stereotype.  I really don’t want to see our beloved Red Cyclone trying to play grab-ass whenever he grapples a male character.  Well…any more then he already does at least.

Yup, those are fishnets. *sigh*

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