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marvel gay editor daniel ketchum

Industry Interview: A Talk with Daniel Ketchum from Marvel

Here at Gay-Nerds, we love to highlight gay/lesbian people in the industry. Today, I am absolutely ecstatic to present Daniel Ketchum, an editor for Marvel comics. He has been a part of so many of my personal favorite comics such as Uncanny X-men, Runaways, Deadpool, Amazing Spider-man, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider.
Daniel Ketchum gay marvel editorGN: I’m just nerdgasming and itching with curiosity. What’s a typical day for an editor at Marvel?
Daniel Ketchum: Well, editors are responsible for managing the entire process of getting ideas from the creators’ heads to the readers’ hands. Most days see me talking about specific stories with writers, giving feedback on art to pencilers, figuring out who the X-Men are going to fight next month, discussing marketing strategies with the Sales and Marketing folks, and making sure that colorist I want to hire for X-MEN: LEGACY has an up-to-date contract on file. Not to mention, trying to make your favorite books generally AWESOME. Whew! You’d be amazed at how many different hats an editor wears over the course of an hour.
GN: It’s a comic nerd’s wet dream to be at Marvel. How did you start working there?
DK: The Cliff’s Notes version: I attended a school at NYU where every student creates their own major. Mine was “Storytelling in the Graphic Novel.” To legitimize four years of reading comic books for class, I figured I should do an internship in the industry. I was hired as intern in Axel Alonso’s Office at Marvel, despite never having read a PUNISHER comic in my life. At the end of my internship, Axel’s Associate Editor at the time, Cory Sedlmeier, told me that he was leaving Marvel and asked if I would be interested in taking his spot. In the month that followed, I wrapped up my internship, graduated NYU and then started as Axel’s newest Assistant Editor…oh, and I got up to speed on PUNISHER!

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No Megaman

Megaman warming the bench?

As we get closer and closer to the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, character lists “leaked” over the summer get the chance to be verified or thrown out as just rumor and fanboy hopes. If you didn’t keep up with the gossip a few months ago, there were plenty of character rosters floating around and plenty of rage fits when some fan’s wet dream character wasn’t included. But no character inspired more “No way! That can’t be right!” comments on blog pages than the mysterious lack of Megaman on many “official” lists. And as the summer has turned to fall, and soon winter, people are starting to turn purple holding their breath to see the Blue Bomber get that big announcement.
So what’s the deal, Capcom? Your biggest star of the 8-bit age is getting zero love in a series designed purely for fan service?

No Megaman
Will Capcom really put out a Vs. game without some version of the Blue Bomber?

Good. ‘Bout time, I think.

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Nerd Premiere: Iron Man

At Comic Con 2009, Marvel announced four comic-book properties that would see translation into an anime format by Madhouse, one of the largest studios, and probably one of the more eminent producers to casual audiences.  The studio has been behind critically acclaimed hits like Black Lagoon, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and all of CLAMPs animated shows as well as disastrous efforts like as Chasos;Head, Rainbow,  and the CLAMP shows no one likes to remember.  With the announcement came a trailer for Iron Man and Wolverine, and since then, the former has premiered.  How well does Madhouse present Tony Stark for Japanese audiences?  Does the show live up to the hype created by the trailer?

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Are They or Aren’t They?: Daken

This week’s installment of “Are they or Aren’t They?” will be focused on a character in the Marvel Universe. The second this feature started, I knew I wanted to do him (hur dur), so there’s no time like the present. While there are many explicitly gay characters like Wiccan, Hulking, Northstar, and Karma, the one getting the spotlight here is Wolverine’s ambiguously gay son, Akihiro, who goes by the name Daken and was the Dark Wolverine during the past year’s mega storylines/events Dark Reign and Siege.