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Forum Buzz: Space GaGa & Her Machine Gun Snatch

Lady Gaga, a proponent of gay rights and all things weird.  Her latest song, Born This Way gives a positive message about taking pride in who you are.  A great song with a mean dance beat, she naturally tries to top her previous videos.  Featuring sci-fi elements and more birth scenes than the average health science video, below is the full Manifesto of Mother Monster.

A video fitting for Gaga’s image, some of our own GNers had mixed feelings about the video. Below are some quotes from the Born this Way Music Video thread.

“I’m not a huge fan of the song in general, but I was completely blown away by the makeup in this music video.  The prosthetic pieces they used throughout the video were so believable it was a little creepy.  Also, that skeleton face paint was KILLER.  I wish I could get that makeup artist to paint me up like that next Halloween!!” ~BubbleBobbleBoy

“That women is just amazing, I really try hard to figure out what is it about her I love so much, its obvious that if you broke the phenomena of lady gaga into her components nothing by itself would be so amazing, the sining is mediocre, the act is way over, and the aesthetics are just wrong, but when you combine it you get something that is truly greater then the sum of its components. somehow she really make it work, again and again.” ~shultzi

“The whole intro sci-fi vibe was shot to shit after the first two and a half minutes to give way to a sub-par Madonna video (which isn’t saying a whole lot).  She really could have made a fun and powerful video about acceptance and making your own way in the world but she squandered it.  Again, it’s all about Gaga ‘dancing’ in some bikini thing and ‘working it'” ~Fishy

“The vaj stuff was cool looking though. I like how they mimicked it with just mirrors and plastic” ~paranoia

“Also: as for people saying the video is “boring” and “nothing special”…I understand not liking the video, but boring? I don’t know. What else could she have done for a video for this song? She goes to space and pulls a machine gun out of vagina. I don’t think there’s anywhere further she can go than that. o_O” ~Fox

Wanna see other’s opinions? Check out Born this Way Music Video on the forums and post your opinion!

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