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Supergirl #1 Review

October 10, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 7585 Comics

DC vs Barnes & Noble

Hell hath no furry like a bookstore scorned. And Barnes & Noble was scorned something fierce. According to spokesperson Mary Ellen Keating, “unless we receive all formats of a title to make available to our customers, we will not sell those physical titles in our stores.” So who is having the physical copies of their books taken off the hallowed shelves of Barnes & Noble?

. . . DC Comics.

DC signed an exclusivity deal to have their 100 best selling graphic novels digitally available on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. And only the Kindle Fire. Barnes & Noble has stated they will not stock the 100 graphic novels on their shelves since they are unable to cater the digital versions to their customers as well.

Do you guys think DC is being unfair with the exclusivity deal? Is Barnes & Noble overreacting? Let us know in the forums!



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