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Hostage Calm Self Titled

Flip Your Wig: Hostage Calm “Hostage Calm”

It’s hard to explain why you’re a pop-punk fan if you are over the age of 20. Most people have a crystalline memory of Blink-182 running around naked and stop their curiosity there. The genre has as much potential to carry social change, introspection, and power as any other genre, but it’s often lost in a quagmire of angst, questionable fashion, and chunky power chords. Luckily, there has been a resurgence of talented and articulate bands who have been building steady followings.

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Flip Your Wig - Zen Arcade

Flip Your Wig – Hüsker Dü “Zen Arcade”

Look, there’s no way I can be partial or unbiased about this record. It’s my favorite record of all time. It helped me get out of many a dark spell. It opened my ears to music beyond oldies radio and whatever mall punk was being handed over to me by Hot Topic (yes, I had a overly baggy pants and black t-shirt phase, don’t ask). Zen Arcade even helped me define what I felt it was to be an adult, and yes, even help me sort out questions of my sexual identity. It is the kind of life-affirming and life-saving work that anyone who has ever felt lost, dejected, hated, confused or self-loathing can put on and feel that they have at least three people in their lives that can understand them. Even though it’s rooted in early-20 angst, it’s far more worldly and universal than other rock operas that have been released.

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Flip Your Wig – Hunx And His Punx “Too Young To Be In Love”

There is music created by gay people. There is “gay music” that is supposed to be supportive but comes off as pandering. And then there is music so unbelievable and unabashedly gay that it hits you in the face with a g-string filled with glitter. Grab your boas and your booty shorts, it’s about to get FABULOUS!