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First NYC Nerd Meet-Up!

NY gay nerd meetup 2011
Party on!

As advertised before on the site and on gaygamer.net, gay nerds and gaygamers from throughout tri-state area descended upon the Chinatown Fair Video Arcade for fun with…you guessed it!  Video games.  For the first two hours of the get-together we blended in amongst other gay and straight nerds offline inside the satisfyingly cramped arcade and played video games ranging from classics such as Ms. Pac-Man to new arcade sensations like Street Fighter 4 in the traditional, token-gobbling arcade fashion.
As our time at the arcade rounded up, half of us headed to Vivi Bubble Tea to quench our thirst, and we all coalesced once more for dinner at Ajisen Ramen.  Being the huge and awesome group that we were, there wasn’t enough space to handle us all, and the our pack of nerds was split in half.