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On Batwoman, Gay Marriage, and DC’s Editorial Interference.

As most of the LGBT nerd community has heard, as well as those outside of various comic fandoms, DC has nixed plans on Batwoman’s once-to-be lesbian marriage. Is this a short sighted attack on marriage equality? Is this DiDio on a homophobic rampage? Or have the editorial egos at DC swollen so much they prevent artists and creators from doing what they were hired to do?

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Hostage Calm Self Titled

Flip Your Wig: Hostage Calm “Hostage Calm”

It’s hard to explain why you’re a pop-punk fan if you are over the age of 20. Most people have a crystalline memory of Blink-182 running around naked and stop their curiosity there. The genre has as much potential to carry social change, introspection, and power as any other genre, but it’s often lost in a quagmire of angst, questionable fashion, and chunky power chords. Luckily, there has been a resurgence of talented and articulate bands who have been building steady followings.