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Deconstructing Soul Society

In October, I decided that I would celebrate my resolve to cease my continued torture in the form of watching Bleach on a daily basis, with the date set for the eventual time that the show goes into its early-fall-to-late-spring filler arc.   Despite my overwhelmingly neurotic desire to finish what I start because it represents an commitment I make—for better or for worse (see:  Heroes)—the show based off of Tite Kubo’s manga became too horrible to bear as of May 2010.  While I always knew the show was bad (my brothers were the ones who convinced me to pick it up against my good conscience—they stopped watching it more than two years ago), after the return to the main storyline from a very long filler arc, I realized how much I didn’t care about anything happening onscreen, and that I found the wretched filler to be comparatively more entertaining than the drudge being passed off as cannon material.
Two months later, and verging on the 300th episode, I realized how duped I’d been.  Somewhere over the course of the year, the producers wised up a little and have not gone into their serialized filler.  Instead, they have been airing a few episodic fillers with the tease of a ‘real’ episode every now and then.

I’ve been driven mad.
I’m done with the show.
Let the celebration commence.