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GOTI Wants Geek Lovin'

It seems that lately my browser has been inundated with advertisements for dating sites. Not just any dating sites, mind you—geek dating sites! Perhaps my computer, having gained sentience at some earlier date, longs for a moment of solitude and is subtly hinting that I get off my ass and find a girlfriend to continuously prod with my fingers. Or maybe it’s just what happens when Google runs the Internet and a person (i.e. me) happens to do a lot of searches that include the terms gay, nerd, and tentacles.

For research purposes, of course.

Still, like I said, my cephalopodic predilections have yielded a very specific type of dating website dedicated to helping geeks less than three other geeks.  Now, niche dating sites are nothing new, and I’d certainly never fault someone for wanting to, you know, have something in common with their partner, but this geek dating craze seems to have come out of nowhere. Maybe it’s me. I’ll admit it. I’m biased against dating sites. I have nothing against meeting people online or LDRs or what have you, but I hate dating sites. I hate the stupid pictures people put up that they think are cute. I hate the lame come-ons that people use. I hate that there’s, like, five phrases that everyone seems to put on their profile.

You’re laid-back and have a good sense of humour? Well, fuck me! Same here!

Really though, my problem is that I couldn’t write a good dating profile if my life depended on it.  I either make myself sound like a serial killer or a nine-year-old boy, and then at the very end I include a disclaimer stating that I’m neither. And let me tell you, nothing makes the ladies hotter than the germinating suspicion that you’re a prepubescent psychopath. Also, despite the fact that I am just so very gay, I always get hit on by guys.

I’m thinking of getting this tattooed on my forehead.

I suppose that, as a chick that knows what teabagging and RPG alignments are, I’m something of a rare commodity. That brings us back to our original point: hawt geek-on-geek action. A quick Google search for “geek dating” turns up everything from Nerd Passions to A Girls Guide to Dating a Geek (“Because they are special”). Are we really so different, us geeks? If you prick us, do we not bleed? Then again, I am writing about this on a site dedicated to gay nerdery, so…there’s that.

Again, I turn to you, dear reader. Do you have a preference for your fellow nerd?  Do you quest for a LARPer to love? Are ya looking for a co-op partner in this little game called life? I’m lucky enough to have already found my soulmate, and yes, she’s a nerd.

In fact, you may have heard of her.

Tell me all about it in the forums.

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