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That One Moment: Love 4 Dead

This new article series will be dedicated to that one moment in gaming. The one moment that you look back as your crowning moment of awesome. If you think you have a story like this send it to us and if it is grand enough, we will post it on the front page!
This story is by Naminaro and was illustrated by XiaoMao:

I had one of those great moments. My ex (as Zoey), a random online player (we’ll call him Bill after his character), NPC Louis and I (as Francis) were all on the last level of Death Toll in Left 4 Dead. For all of you who don’t remember, we were at the docks waiting for the boat after calling them via the radio for help and then the zombies came.
We all fought our hardest and managed to just barely to stay alive until the boat finally came around. Me and bill managed to get on it fairly easily. But my ex was having a difficult time with it after just getting his ass beat by a Tank and there was still a horde of zombies coming at us.
bill tank gas left 4 dead
Bill who I imagine was a rather experienced player took one of the gas tanks, and set it on fire creating a giant wall of fire between us, and the giant horde of zombies. We were at the home stretch; there was nothing that was going to get between us and victory. Except for one thing…
…my ex was still on the other side nearly dead and surrounded by zombies.
I was then given a choice… Do I stay in the safety of the boat and leave my then boyfriend there to die or do I go out there to help him and risk my life trying to save him? At the time the choice was rather simple.
francis zombies left 4 dead
I leaped over the wall of fire with shotgun in hand, and mowed down the zombie horde in front of me. They kept on coming but I eventually made my way to my ex who was basically surrounded and on the floor. I pulled my shotgun and repeatedly shot at all the zombies and eventually kept them at bay long enough to apply my first aid kid to him.
The wall of fire had died down by the time we both rushed back. We ran side by side as fast as we could and got on the boat. Bill managed to keep the zombies at bay long enough for both of us to get away and ride off into the sunset. For all of us it ended happily ever after…
…until we heard the screams of Louis in the background, and remembered we forgot to save him… whoops
zoey francis left 4 dead

The End

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