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Superman: Truth, Justice, and Traditional Marriage?

Many geeks the world over are fans of Orson Scott Card. The writer behind Ender’s Game(soon to be a major motion boycott) and the soon-to-be-but-hopefully-not story director behind DC’s new digital comic featuring Superman. However, the question we must ask ourselves is: Can gay geeks be fans of Mr. Card? Or should we boycott the blatantly homophobic author?

Personally, I have no love for Mr. Card and I have refused, even at the behest of some of my closest friends, to read his works. No matter how great they may be I can’t see him apart from his beliefs. Oh! I forgot to mention his beliefs, well, in a nutshell: He thinks that marriage equality will be the downfall of civilization and he is on the board of National Organization of Marriage (a anti-gay group bent on keeping us from tainting their holy unions). He’s extremely outspoken about his beliefs and I think he’s an asshole.

That wasn’t very professional of me, was it? But this kind of thing cuts to the personal. As it should with you as well. Last week another gay teen committed suicide, he was 15 years old and he hung himself on his school playground. His parents had to take him off of life support after he had been declared brain dead.  Now, you ask yourselves, why did I bring this up?

Because Mr. Card’s beliefs, his hatred and outspokenness about that hatred are partially to blame for the oppression that the LGBT people face. Not only are we bullied in schools but we are regularly reminded by those in a position like Mr. Card’s that we are disgusting, perverted, less-than. Mr. Card does not believe in equal rights, Mr. Card thinks we are unnatural, Mr. Card would have you believe that you are LGBT because you were molested, converted, or forced into that lifestyle. Mr. Card sits in a position of privilege and uses that position to continue oppressing us, to deny us rights, and to encourage a society that bullies the LGBT community.

Orson Scott Card

I don’t believe that Mr. Card should be writing a character that has a history of standing up for truth, justice, and the American way. Superman stands as a symbol of all that is right with America. Though I, and I’m sure many of you, have felt less than patriotic because of some of the things we’ve heard by our politicians say, Superman has always represented the good about America. An immigrant from the stars who was raised by honest, kind, accepting Kansas folk (I am partial to that, my being born and raised in Kansas has made Superman one of my favorite heroes) who was taught to use his powers to fight for good and stand up against those who threaten and oppress. I believe that Superman would stand with us in our fight, I believe that Superman would accept me if I came out to him.

That is why I cannot see Mr. Card writing this character. Superman is a hero. A hero for everyone, someone who doesn’t discriminate, judge, or oppress. How can a person as hateful as Mr. Card write a character that stands up for the little man? That stands up for equal rights?

There is a petition going around demanding that DC drop Orson Scott Card, I have already signed it. But there are others, such as Rich Johnson from, who think we should let Card continue his work unfettered. He states that we would be no better than One Million Moms if we boycott or demand DC to let Card go. But, with all due respect, Rich Johnson can go fuck himself. He, who has not been oppressed or read countless articles about how those in his community have felt so alone, so helpless that they turn to suicide, has no idea what he’s talking about. He makes us out to be the villains for standing against someone who actively oppresses, marginalizes, and vilifies us. If Mr. Card had been racist or sexist I wonder if we would even be having this conversation? Why is hating homosexuals the only acceptable form of intolerance? And why should we be asked to accept it?

As I stated, I have already signed the petition. And I ask you to sign it as well and spread the word. A character as monumental and inspirational as  Superman cannot be put in the hands of someone who stands against what Superman is all about. Let us know in the forums what your thoughts on the matter are!

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