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March 23, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 5063 Comics, Film, Internet, Nerds, Videogames, Website News

RCE # 15: Square Nobs and Boob…sticks. Boobs.

As this week’s title would suggest, we talk about square genitalia and (normal) boobs in this episode. Yes, we are very immature people.
To be specific, we talk about sex in Minecraft and the recently revealed costume that Wonder Woman will be wearing in her TV pilot. We also talk about the BAFTAs and touch back on the topic of “indie” games and what their rise in popularity might mean for the gaming industry. See? We can be serious when we want.

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Links and such:
Wonder Woman’s costume
BAFTA award winners
Sex in Minecraft
Nintendo on “garage games”
Xbox Live Indie Games

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