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February 23, 2015 Comments (9) Views: 8309 Television

Why We Need a Gay Power Ranger

Lots of us here at Gay-Nerds grew up with Power Rangers.  Some of us are thirty year old man-children (me) that have stayed with the show from Mighty Morphin’ to Time Force to RPM to this season’s Dino Charge.  With almost every season telling a new story with a new cast, Power Rangers has managed to outlast a lot of other superhero television shows, and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.


Since season one, episode one, Power Rangers has always been about diversity.  Every team of rangers is a great mix of black, white, Hispanic, etc.  During Power Rangers Zeo, there was even a holiday-themed episode that tackled the ethnic diversity of the rangers.  Most of the time, however, the race of each ranger is never mentioned.  In fact, most ranger teams become tight-knit friends, regardless of their different interests.  Mighty Morphin’s nerdy Billy was learning martial arts from the more jock-ish Jason before they even became rangers.

Tolerance and understanding is a big theme of the show as well.  From Tommy’s “Green With Evil” arc to Tenaya-7‘s battle with her own humanity, Power Rangers have learned to forgive, and even develop trust for former antagonists.  Power Rangers In Space even had an episode devoted to a ranger befriending the monster-of the week.

This level of tolerance and diversity is why I’m honestly a little surprised Power Ranger’s hasn’t debutedprdino a gay character yet.  With the “after school special” vibe of some episodes, having a character come out seems like something this show would have tackled already.   Granted, that doesn’t mean the show has to make a big deal of having a gay character at all.  Fellow Nickelodeon show The Legend of Korra subtly developed a gay relationship over time, and fans loved it.  Just let the black ranger casually mention his off-screen boyfriend, or have the pink ranger pine for the girl she’s been crushing over.

And Saban Brands, if you’re listening, and you do decide to introduce a gay character, let David Yost direct the episode.  I think he’s earned it.

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9 Responses to Why We Need a Gay Power Ranger

  1. daneel says:

    PLEASE! i want this so badly ha. Though i’ve gotta say, gia and emma from last year’s power rangers (super) megaforce came /pretty darn close/. check out episode 5 of megaforce “united we stand.” honorable mention goes out to that one episode of lightspeed rescue where kelsey was starry eyed over the cute astronaut girl. and (i know i’m in the minority here ha), i always sort of interpreted kim breaking up with tommy with the “i love you like a brother but i don’t want to date you” line as her saying i really care about you but i’ve figured out i don’t like boys (and aren’t ready to say it out right).

  2. Lee Mangrum says:

    I am definitely with you on Gia and Emma. God, I wish that show would have given them ANY depth. And now I suddenly feel like checking out Lightspeed Rescue again!

  3. Dawnell_do says:

    I’m hoping the make Billy the openly gay nerd in the movie.

  4. mr says:

    As a gay male myself in my 30s that was a boy when rangers first was on tv, I also believe that there should be a gay power ranger character like the leader of the team Red or Blue or a new one called Titanium Ranger or something. A gay character will prove that Saban is not prejudice against differences esp when they put in different races and genders. This wlll help the franchise be more open to new things and do something good for people who see gay as wrong. I don’t want a gay character because I am, it don’t matter if there is or not in the stories but at least it will show that a difference like that could be a good thing. A gay character in the movie who is open would be good too.

  5. Aaron “BatFleckFan364” Ludwig says:

    Why do we need one? Power Rangers is fine as it is.

  6. Maria Smith says:

    Thank you very much for your blog.

    I enjoyed reading this article.

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